Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Woman in Her Thirties Sets Sail

Last year we were given an outrageously generous gift from L's parents: a Disney Cruise. Sometimes I feel bad bragging about what amazing in-laws I have, but in this case there is simply no getting around it.  My in-laws are really wonderful.

For months, we have been planning this trip.  And by planning, I mean getting passports:

Figuring out how, exactly, to get to the cruise ship itself, and visiting my doctor for an emergency-prescription of Xanax.

You read that right. Remember how I had that MRI when I was pregnant with Aaron?  Did I mention I cried the entire time through it because I'M SO STINKING CLAUSTROPHOBIC?

(This is Anna and me during our first ski lesson.  Space, people!  The great outdoors and SPACE for this woman in her thirties!)

Throughout the planning process, many people told me I had nothing to fear. Cruise ships, particularly ones of the Disney variety, are ENORMOUS.  There is so much to do, so much to see.  Disney does everything so amazingly well, there's no way you'll scratch your face off from anxiety the moment you board the ship.

(Us, the moment we boarded the ship.  My hands were shaking so badly when I took this photo that I'm surprised it came out, I was that nervous. But as any woman in her thirties with a little bit of crazy in her does, I tried my best to hide it.)

For all the advice I got before boarding the ship, this was the truest: Disney does it right. From the sendoff:

Dance party on the top deck.  Anna was into it.  

To the meals:

Brunch at Palo. Maybe my third plate? Fourth? I lost count...

To the activities:

The pools were crowded... but fun!

To the rooms:

Room service on our deck?  I mean, sure....

To the character visits:


Disney just does an incredible job.  Everything: the shows, the logistics, the fact that they give you hand sanitizer every single time you enter a restaurant.... It was truly a wonderful trip.


And probably most magical, of course, was that we got to experience it with all of L's family.  I don't care how many times Goofy makes an appearance in a sombrero:

The happiest times are spent with the people you love.  Who love you back.  

End note:  Not a single dose of Xanax was taken during the trip.  Dramamine, yes.  Xanax, no.  Disney, your magic was felt in this woman in her thirties, too!


  1. So many great memories!! (Also, you hid your fear well. I had no idea until I read this blog post that you were nervous!)