Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Woman in her Thirties' Ten Things

Since my blogging efforts have been downright abysmal lately, I thought I'd steal that whole 'Ten on Ten' thing and try to get you (and me) caught up on life.  Ready?

1.  It's Summer!  Hooray!

2.  I was a finalist for two super cool awards!  The link to the article in the paper is here.  I'd been in some serious doldrums about the writing stuff, so the news came at the perfect time.

3.  I've completely overbooked our summer.  Not sure what's going to give yet, but something is most definitely going to have to.  The kids love hunting for worms too much to be constantly on the go.

4.  We have passed a major parenting milestone.  Last Saturday was the last Saturday L or I needed to get in the pool with a child during swim lessons.  I was expecting champagne, but everyone just seemed to go about their normal business as though that's not totally life-changing for us!

5.  Anna said goodbye to one preschool and hello to a new preschool this week.  The change has been good, but she misses her old class and teachers.

6.  Aaron's birthday is coming up, and I've got a big, sappy letter coming your way soon.  What I'll say about him is that he's very recently become quite the orator, and that (except for the whining) is pretty much awesome.

"Mommy! I love donuts! I love love love donuts!" (It's a bagel.)

7. My friend just had this baby, and every time I hold this baby I totally want another baby.  (No, I'm not having another baby.  L. Shanna's body is closed for business.)

8.  Anna has been playing soccer, and even though she loves the outfit I think it's safe to say that she won't be winning any Olympic medals in her lifetime.

She's also been dancing, and started a new class last night with her bestie.

9.  We're headed west next week!  I only have minimal amounts of anxiety about the trip and can't wait to celebrate fifty years of marriage for this adorable couple:

(When I get home I'll blog about the most wonderful piece of marriage 'advice' I got from my beautiful Auntie R.)

10.  Potty training is... happening.  Without going into details, let's just say I'd give this sweet face a C.  Some days a C+.  Definitely not in the B-range yet.  But hey, it's summer!  What's a little poop in the pants?

Happy Summer, Blog Friends!


  1. I used to hunt for worms when I was a kid, too. I remember my friend and I used to walk around with a giant bucket and collect TONS of them when it rained. One time some lady saw us and asked us if we would put them in her garden when we were done with them. Will you please send A&A to collect worms for our garden?

  2. Champagne at swim lessons. I'm dying. What was the marriage advice???