Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Woman in Her Thirties and the New Girls Weekend

To know me is to know that I treasure my girls weekends.  I have a group of friends that I have essentially grown up with, and though we have all wound up all over the place geographically, we have still maintained our girl time.  Not quite so easy as, 'I'll pick you up on Iron Point Road at 4:15 with a road soda for Tahoe' anymore.  But still. We make it happen.

This year we took a major departure from our normal girls weekends and tried out a yoga retreat.  Let me state for the record that the group of us going come from various attitudes when it comes to yoga, from 'it has literally saved my life' to 'I'd rather get a root canal'.  But it was more than just lots of yoga-- it was also focused gab-sessions, healthy food (a little too healthy if you ask me... K totally blew it on the chocolate), and really beautiful scenery:

I can't speak for the other girls, but I will say that for me the weekend left me feeling rejuvenated.  And believe me when I say that every other girls weekend we've ever gone on has left me the OPPOSITE of rejuvenated.  It was so nice to have no agenda, not worry about what we looked like, and just talk openly and honestly with each other.  Don't get me wrong-- we talk to each other all the time.  But usually those conversations are clipped catch-up sessions where one or the other person is distracted by a kid or a job.  This weekend was all about us...

(This is not all of us.  But I can't find the picture of all of us that K sent the other day.  And I'm trying to do that thing we talked about this weekend where I let it go and be in the present moment, and not get all frantic because WHERE THE HELL IS THAT STUPID PICTURE I KNOW I HAD IT I SWEAR!  See, girls? I'm learning!)

... and it was much needed.

I have been thinking a lot about the weekend over the last couple of days.  How different we are from our Rodeway Inn days, how many new human beings we have created in all these years of friendship, how different our day-to-day lives look, and yet all of us struggle with the same things that seem to be universal for women in their thirties.  I'm not sure we solved any world issues this weekend, but I know I look at all these girls I know so well in a different way now.  It's amazing how much you understand about a person when you sit back and listen to what they have to say.

I missed my babies something fierce this weekend, I'm not going to lie.

However I feel like a slightly more patient mom this week, and certainly a more grateful wife.  And that is a good feeling to have when it's Easter, and it's 70 degrees out, and life is all kinds of crazy, but in such a good way.

Namaste, b's!


  1. Looks like the kids had a spa weekend!

  2. I'm more into yoga pants than I am actual yoga - but this sounds so lovely!!

  3. It was amazing. And, we may not have solved any world problems, but I think we are making the world better. :)

  4. I can't wait for the next rejuvenating girls weekend!

  5. Love all of this. I'll be honest though, I wouldn't have been mad if someone would have brought me a road soda when they picked me up from the airport.