Friday, January 2, 2015

A Woman in her Thirties Resolves, 2015

You know I loooove me some New Year's Resolutions.  Bring it on, people!  Make yourselves happy!  Tell the world and hold yourself accountable!

So it's January 2, and time for me to list mine:

1.  Get in the black

So many people have asked me about the book and how it's going.  I love it when people ask what they're really wondering, and that is whether or not I'm making money on it yet.  The answer is no, I'm not. I'm about halfway there.  So this year will be all about getting creative with selling the book, so I can make room for my second resolution...

2.  Publish book two

Yes, it's done.  My same amazing group of seventh graders from last year is going to read and edit it this month.  I learned SO STINKING MUCH publishing The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High, so I'm looking forward to doing this second one even better.

3. Deal with the sleep issue

For four years, I have been able to blame my children for my sleepy, sleepy state of living.  But now that sleeping through the night is a fairly consistent thing, I find that I am still living the toss-turny-no-sleepy-for-Mommy lifestyle.  Sleep has always been difficult for me, and I really need to prioritize getting better at it this year.  (Ideas welcome...)

4.  Become a lunchtime vegan

I am not much of a meat-eater, and when L is away I almost never cook meat (I do cook fish).  I have always liked the idea of cooking one vegetarian meal for the family a week, but that has just never worked out.  In the last year, I have adopted a habit of not eating much for lunch-- a smoothie or whatever leftovers I can scrounge in the fridge.  I'm not trying to lose weight (I snack all day, homies), it's just the Momma-on-the-go life.  So I figure I can use what is almost always a meal by myself and eat vegan, or at least vegetarian.  (Ideas welcome...)

5.  Have more fun

When people have asked about Christmas this year, I keep responding the same way.  'It was the most fun I can remember having on Christmas since I was a kid.'  That's because my babies aren't babies anymore, and I got to see the magic of Christmas through their eyes:

So in 2015, we're going to live it up.  Feb in Austin.  Arizona in March (weeeeeell, that one's just for me!)  Trips to the movies and museums and shows. Polar Vortex be damned, there's a big ol' world to discover!

Happy New Year, blog friends!


  1. These pics of your kids are killing me!! So cute. I have an idea for sleep that I will be sending you. ;) This is the first year in a loooong time I've spent time creating resolutions/goals and I'm super excited about them!

  2. I love all of this! Look up yoga positions specifically for sleep! It has done wonders for Matt, seriously. Your intro to this post cracked me up. And YAY for book #2!