Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Woman in her Thirties Joins a CSA

I have wanted to join a CSA for years, but have always talked myself out of it.  So much food!  So expensive!  What if it's gross?  That kind of thing.

This year, however, a fellow woman in her thirties and I decided to give it a go together.  It was so much fun, and I'm so glad I did it.  Joining a CSA busted many of the myths I had about it all these years.  Here are a few:

MYTH:  You get a jillion tons of food and there's no way you can eat all of it.

Realty:  Splitting the share was plenty for us this summer.  Not too much, not too little.  There were a few items that went to waste, particularly the potatoes (we never eat potatoes) and the beets (I want to like beets, I really do.  But I don't.)  But for the most part, we eat each box up every week.

MYTH:  Getting eggs in the CSA is scary because they might be... well... not edible.

Reality:  The fresh eggs were my favorite part of the CSA every week.  We got a dozen every Wednesday and were ready for more by each weekend.  No issues, and a better source of morning protein than Cheerios.

MYTH:  Trying to use up all the produce takes a lot of planning and cooking time. 

Reality:  This was one of my biggest fears, considering cooking is one of those things, like beets, that I wish I enjoyed more.  In reality, I just added more veggies to the things I normally make (every vegetable made it into stir fry at some point), and instead of buying jarred salsa I made mine in the blender every week with all the salsa-ish ingredients (bell peppers in salsa! The best!).  So good.  

MYTH:  The kids won't eat any of it.

Reality:  I would give anything-- anything-- to have my kids be less picky eaters.  Alas, it is not to be.  They both are terrible, awful, horrible about trying new things.  (Even sweet things! They won't even eat a stupid gummy vitamin!)  This was a legitimate concern for me in getting a CSA box every week.  So instead of fighting them to PLEASE TAKE A BITE OF CORN YOU WILL LIKE IT (and we did this one night-- backfire), I just blended the veggies into whatever I made for them and they never knew the difference.  Above, they are eating Black Bean Brownies (which I blended with Swiss Chard), and here is the recipe for a mostly-spinach pesto from the White Grass Cafe that also took on kale, broccoli, and anything else green:

Our last farm box for the season came last week.... boo... but instead of being sad it's over I'm focusing on how glad I am I gave it a shot.  The CSA changed the way we eat (no more cereal in the morning!) and made me aware of the importance of buying foods that are in season, for taste if no other reason.  

Yay for the CSA!


  1. I'll bet the kids liked those CSA doughnuts, too... ;)

  2. Those eggs look amazing! So did the doughnuts;)

  3. So glad you loved the CSA! I wish mine had eggs too!

  4. If you join next year, please give YeYe and me the beets and potatoes. We had never had blue potatoes before, but thought they were good!

  5. That pesto recipe is a STAPLE in my house now. I make it in huge batches and freeze it in plastic bags. So glad this was a good experience! Yay for the CSA! :)