Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When a Woman in her Thirties... Barfs

Well, it's happened.  You know how I've been alluding to all the crazy that's been going on the last year and a half or so?  We're at the apex.  The climax.  The pinnacle of crazy, this week.

I have been wanting to write about it here, but I just couldn't.  I don't do well in the moment of things-- I do well after, after a glass of wine, some sleep, and maybe a hot yoga session.  But there have been SO many moments of 'things' lately-- write-ups and two radio interviews (one went super well, and one not so much....) I could feel it all getting the better of me last night, as I tried to sleep.

I wanted to write about it... but it was all so jumbled that I just couldn't.

So I logged into my computer this morning and saw Project Underblog had published a piece I wrote awhile back.  (P.S. Do you subscribe to this blog?  Super encouraging and empowering.)  Anyway, I read it and thought, Thank God I wrote that! It's exactly how I feel and I'm far into crazy town to write  it now.

I titled it 'When Your Dream Comes True and then you Barf.'  I'm such an eloquent writer, aren't I?

But there is one thing missing-- a huge thank you to all of you for your calls and texts and emails and words of encouragement throughout all of this.  It is true, I want to barf.  But it is the best kind of barf.

And I have all of you to thank for it.

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