Monday, December 16, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties in a Constant State of...

Two weeks, no post.  I know, you're beside yourself with anxiety waiting to see what I've been up to.  Well, here are a couple things:

The Book

You know that moment, the one right before you're about to do something really scary, and the barf just sort of sits in your gut and swirls around, and your hands sweat and you get really dizzy and you wish a hole would just open up in the ground so you could fall right into it and disappear forever?

Yeah... it's like that all the time right now.  A constant state of barf.  Good barf, but barf just the same.

The Kids

You know those moments, when your kids are going through any type of transition, or they get sick, or they get a bonk, or they just don't feel like being your sweet little angels, and you feel like if you don't get to yoga immediately that you might spontaneously combust?

It's like that all the time right now.  Chaos.  Good chaos, but chaos just the same.

And I'm doing that thing where I look at other women in their thirties, ones with more on their plate than I have, and think HOW DO THEY HAVE IT SO MUCH MORE TOGETHER THAN I DO?  Which is a yucky, yucky question to have at the forefront of your mind at any time.

So on top of the book, and on top of the kids, and on top of all the crazy holiday craziness, I'm also trying to do that thing, that thing where I stop and stand in the moment, appreciate it for all it is...

...and give thanks.


  1. LOVE that last pic! Soon the crazy will all be over....and suddenly it won't feel so crazy. That's just how crazy works. Miss you!

  2. Amen to all of that. The last pic of you and Anna is the best. :)
    P.S. NO ONE has it all together. Ever. At least I refuse to believe they do.