Monday, November 25, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties Turns Three

Dear (Princess) Anna,

Well, you have done it.  You are three.

How about a quick walk down memory lane:
Nov, 2010

Nov, 2011

Nov, 2012

 Nov, 2013

Do you see what's happened here? In the blink of an eye, you've become a little girl.  And what a little girl you have turned out to be.

You, Anna, love your princesses. You love school.  You love singing, dancing, and chocolate.  You love Little Einsteins and Dora (and how) and Play Doh and music class.  You love your friends.  You love leaves, books, helicopters....

... okay, there is little in life you don't love.  It is in your nature to love, and I love that about you.  

If I could describe you in one word right now, I would say this:  you are compassionate.  Not always a word associated with a three year old, but that's what you are.  You are kind and caring, but most kids are.  It's more than that.  Your happiness is directly associated with the people around you.  

If your brother cries while at the doctor's office you say, 'Tell the doctor to stop, Momma!  He don't like that!'

If I raise my voice to you about when it's time to go to bed (sleep being the perpetual saga in this house), your first words are, 'Momma!  I want to make you feel happy every every day!'

If I ask you how your day at school was, your first response is always something like, 'Finley felt sad today' or 'Jack pushed Nathan, and he cry.'  You feel deeply for others.

And that, my girl, is an important skill in life.  Never.  Lose.  That.

Now, don't get it in your head that there is no room for improvement.  I've already mentioned the sleep thing, which is... well, let's just say that Momma is tired.  Very very tired.  She would like to blame that on her 16 month old, but alas, you are a stinker when it comes to sleep.

You come by it honestly... but still.

And food.  You are the pickiest eater I've ever known, myself included.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, waffles, eggs.... yeah, that's about it.  Food is the #2 perpetual saga in this house, and my greatest cause for anxiety around 5:00pm every single day.

But then again... your pickiness is just a small piece of your greater personality.  You are cautious by nature, always have been.  New things are a little intimidating for you.  Now that you're three, I feel like I know you better now, know what you will like and not like.  I find myself in the constant angst of a parent who wants to push their child, but not too hard.  Encourage without nagging.  Suggest without harping.

And then I remind myself that you. are. THREE.

You don't have time for a balanced meal or a nice long nap.  There is a world out there to discover.

And I am blessed with the awesome task of helping you navigate through it.  Even on the ear infection days, or the flu days, or the 'I don't WANNA take my nappy' days, seeing the world through your eyes makes everything more beautiful.  

So happy birthday, my beautiful girl.  It is a gift to be a mom, and it is a joy to be yours.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love these posts! And you girls!

  2. These posts will mean so much to A&A when they grow up. Just beautiful, as always!

  3. These posts will mean so much to A&A when they grow up. Just beautiful, as always!