Monday, November 11, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties and the Little Things

I love November for all the people who post daily on social media about all they're grateful for.  I think it's fantastic.  To date, I've never seen a post where someone says, 'I'm grateful for my flashy sports car' or 'I'm thankful for that grudge I've been holding for fifteen years'.  It's always about family, friends, love, support, and all the things we should acknowledge this time of year.

I do lots of grateful-speak on this blog, so I won't go into my big list.  (Spoiler alert:  my kids are number one.) But I do want to take the time this week to acknowledge the little things.  For the very little things that end up becoming big things, a woman in her thirties give thanks.

1.  M&Ms

It's been a challenging couple of weeks.  Both Anna and Aaron were diagnosed with walking pneumonia and ear infections, which was no fun.  But what made it 100x worse was the fact that my sweet little princess REFUSES TO TAKE MEDICINE.

In the end, it was these shoes and a packet of M&Ms that did the trick.  We are better now, thank God. Whatever it takes, people.

2.  How Halloween is Over

Blargh, Halloween.  I guess it's fun and stuff, and I'm so glad Anna was well enough to visit a couple houses for trick-or-treating, but jeez.  From the riDONKulous amount of candy (which I indulged far too much in) to the costumes to the decorations that scared my little princess, I was DONE with Halloween on November 1.  Even if this guy wasn't.

3.  Fall in P-Ville

It was a beautiful Fall here.  I say 'was' because... well... we're moving into some cold territory this week.  But we loved collecting leaves this year and playing outside all afternoon.  Magic.

4.  Dancing

Anna loves her little dance class, and I just assumed she would be the dancer of the family:

But in the last couple of weeks, Aaron has learned to dance.  It just doesn't get any better than this:


  1. Cutest. Children. Ever. That video....I die. Love this!

  2. God bless M&M's. and yeah, those kids are ridiculously cute.

  3. Ohhh my gosh. Aaron! Those little feet!!!

    I've said it a million times... whatever it takes. For reals.