Friday, September 6, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties is Branded

Okay, it's time.

I've been putting it off because even though the wheels have been in motion for awhile now, something about putting it out there here, on this blog, felt like a point of no return.  But in reality, I have been past the point of no return for a long time now.  So here is the deal.

I am publishing a book!  It is meant for 6th-8th graders and is called The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High.  It's about a middle school that takes corporate sponsors over federal funding.  Here is the cover:

Crazy, right!!  That is the cover of the book I am going to publish.

Take a look at the lower right corner.  See that big yellow circle? It says "Teachable Lit Study Guide Included".  That is because I, your humble woman in her thirties, have a brand:

You can read more about it here, but essentially the brand involves me writing books that include:

- no sex, violence, swearing, and yucky gratuity
- a study guide based on the Common Core Standards

I won't bore you with the details, but if you're an English teacher (or know an English teacher or love an English teacher), the study guide is meant to make their lives easier.  Activities, essay prompts, etc.

I'm blogging here:

I write about books I love, why I think they're teachable, and other teaching-related stuff.  My main activity as been through twitter, which I always discounted as the crappiest social media tool ever, but has turned out to be an awesome way for me to connect with other teachers and writers.  You can follow me @teachablelit.  If you want and stuff.

Oh!  And you can like my Facebook page.  Though I'm really struggling with the whole Facebook thing, because Facebook kind of sucks.  More on this later.

So that is the deal.  I feel like I have just exposed my alter-ego.  I'll update you a little on this blog about the book stuff, but I want to keep this one as it is for the most part.  Cute kid pics, desperate cries for help in parenting, and stories of me peeing my pants.

Thank you to everyone reading this (so many!) who have believed in me and helped me throughout this whole journey.  All of this is already dedicated to you!


  1. Delighted for you and can't wait to read the new book! Also enjoying a look into the teacher side of your brain.

    BTW, the redditgifts for teachers "exchange" (this one was one-way) just matched and people are posting gifts on the gallery: But there are so many more teachers than gifters, they are continuing to seek people willing to be a "rematcher", which is to say, to fill in to gift to unmatched recipients.

    1. Middle Cousin Frog-- that is GREAT! I haven't used reddit as a resource, but I will look into this! Thanks :)

  2. So Proud. More than you know. I'm SO excited for you!

  3. I am so ridiculously proud of you. And I can't wait to read the book!! Love you.

  4. SO proud and so excited for you! Can't wait to read it! We need so much more of this type of book in our school systems.

  5. This is SO INCREDIBLY COOL! How you are raising two perfect kids AND keeping up both of these blogs is beyond me. I am incredibly excited to read your book and to delve more into your "alter ego's" blog!

  6. SO amazing, but not surprising. You are capable of absolutely anything. So proud of you! Cannot wait to read it!!! And what the heck, the link to your FB page doesn't work.