Monday, August 26, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties Turns a Corner

It is no secret that when I found out I was pregnant with Aaron when Anna was not even a year old, I was a little scared.

Another one?  You're kidding, right?

More than a little scared. My baby was still a baby, and I couldn't imagine adding another baby to the mix.  Don't get me wrong-- I was happy.  But scared.  

Everyone with kids close in age told me the same thing:  The first year will be hard, but after that you will be glad you had them so close together.  Through the last year of sleep deprivation, carrying two children through an endlessly snowy winter, 24x7 workworkwork, I held on to those words.  Soon it will get easier.  Soon I will turn a corner.

And you know what?  We have.  (Except the in sleep department.  Sleep remains a subject I do not want to talk about, and if you have children who sleep through the night then please do me a favor and do not bring it up in my presence.) Both children get more independent every day. We are almost completely weaned from bottles, thank you baby Jesus.  Both kids can go to the gym childcare without an appointment.  Anna and Aaron eat the same things, can share a grilled cheese sandwich, and can even watch Thomas the Train together.  Oh, and they play:

Let us talk about this video for a second:  How Aaron rocks on the rocking horse.  Anna calling, "MisterBuddyMisterBuddyMisterBuddy! I made a tent for you!"  How she pats his head at the end.

My kids can finally play together, and that is just... well, awesome.

I thought that was going to be it for this week's post, but then this happened yesterday:

The picture does not do the damage justice.  Someone seriously rammed me in the Target parking lot, and left without even leaving a note.  On a sweltering hot day, when I had both kids with me because of course L is out of town.... you fill in the rest.  When I walked out to my car and saw this, I shrieked and may or may not have used profanity.  

And this is the conversation I immediately had with my sweet Anna:

Anna:  Mommy's car got bonkie?
Me:  Yes, Bubbie, Mommy's car got bonked by a not-nice person who didn't even leave a note.
Anna:  It's okay, Mommy.  We go back inside the store and get bandaids.
Me:  No, Bub, the store doesn't have Bandaids that can fix Mommy's car.  We have to take it to the shop.
Anna:  We go to the shop and fix Mommy's car?
Me: Yes, Bubbie.
Anna:  Then Mommy will feel happy?

People left this part out when they told me about how much better it gets. How, after so much giving and giving, your kids start giving back.  In the form of kissies, lovies, and a whole lot of perspective.  


  1. She is adorable. And so sweet. And as far as the car goes.... Karma will happen. But that doesn't make it stink any less!

  2. Anna looks HUGE in that picture with Aaron standing at the couch. Yes, this is when it starts to actually become worth it. It gets better... at least until they are 15, or so I'm told.

  3. It does get better and I am so glad you are starting to feel it. I remember being a tween when my youngest siblings were babies - 15 months a part and I even thought the first year was a blur. You are a great mom!

  4. Hooray for turning the corner! And hooray for sweet Anna for making the car-bonkie a little better.