Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties is a Genius

I'm not exactly a technology expert.  I have bemoaned technology a few times on this blog, actually.  But in the last few months, as the book stuff has begun happening (and happening-- I've got deadlines, people!) I've had to get a little smart(er) about how technology works.

Particularly this whole blogging/website thing.

Soon, I'll share all that new stuff with all of you.  But in the meantime...



Sure, fine.  You're probably reading this going, 'Gee.  Big deal.  You figured out templates and added some pages and social media.'  But to know me is to know that THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR THIS WOMAN IN HER THIRTIES! 

Here are a few hints for those of you technology-challenged like me:

1.  Blogger is not nearly as easy to use as Wordpress.  If you are smart and brave, you can migrate your site to Wordpress and have much more designing fun.  However, since I was terrified to lose any of these posts (and too cheap to hire someone to migrate it for me), I just worked with the simple templates on Blogger.

2.  Do you know about Fiverr?  You can go on there and basically get anything for five bucks.  Know what I got for five bucks?  A really nice logo!

3.  I got really freaked out when I realized I had to mess with code to make the social media stuff happen.  But did you know there are all kinds of EASY tutorials for that?

This one taught me how to add social media buttons:

And this one taught me how to center my header:

So... whaddya think?!


  1. Holy cow, that logo is gorgeous! I can't believe you got that for five bucks!

    Everything else looks great, too. Very clean design. I likey!

    I'm on Blogger too, so I feel your pain. But's working fine for now. However, I have also been thinking about redesigning my blog header. Someone mentioned to me that a photo of my dog doesn't exactly scream "food blog." And you know, they're right. Maybe I can get something more suitable on Fiverr. :)

    1. For five bucks-- it's totally worth a shot! I was really pleased with them and will be using them again for sure :)

  2. It looks fantastic! I am seriouly impressed! Totally going to check out Fiverr.

  3. Love it! When I started the Redline blog, the *code* behind blogger was so intimidating, but it is amazing all the tips you can find online from other users. I looooooove the logo!