Monday, May 20, 2013

A Woman in Her Thirties on the Eleventh Month

Dear Mister B,

In keeping with tradition, your 'holy moley my baby is another month older' post is going to be a list of eleven things I thought you might like to know about you. Don't worry-- I'm saving all my mushy sentimentality for four weeks from now, when suddenly you will be an entire year old.  Sniff.  

1.  You are a flirt.

Like, in the worst way.  I cannot walk through Target, into school to pick up Anna, or even through a parking lot without you finding someone to give them this look:

Do you see what I'm talking about ?  The eyes.  The lips.  It's a real problem.

2.  You are a talker.

Anna was such an early talker (and late, late walker), that I thought for sure I'd have the opposite in you.  Nope.  Your first word was, of course, Da Da.  You've moved on to Ba Ba and Ma Ma... and it's loud, Mister.  Loud.

3. You still don't have any teeth.

Just like your sister.  Anna didn't cut her first tooth until she was 11.5 months old.  So, by my calculations, you've got another couple weeks of smiles that look like this:

4.  You are a scooter.

Yup.  Just like Anna, and just like your Mom.  Is it the genes or the hardwood floors?  Who's to say for sure.  All I know is that your preferred method of getting around is on your rear end, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me the tiniest bit of pleasure:

5. You don't love to eat.

It's the strangest thing.  I've got a slew of new foods for you to try all the time, and I always get this look when you take your first few bites:

I'm fairly sure that, if it were up to you, you'd have milk and oatmeal three meals a day, every day.  Buddy, we are a family of eaters.  This is unacceptable.

6. Your hair.

I realize this isn't really a fact about you, so maybe I'll illustrate with a photo.
Your Dad keeps saying that we need to cut it, but I'm afraid to.  Not just because of your giant cowlick (thanks, Uncle J!) but also because you are so squirmy I'm not sure you'd sit still long enough to make it look presentable.  Plus, it's a great conversation piece.  

7.  You still look like me.

I can't believe it.  Eleven months, and still have never been asked when I 'got back with you'.  

8.  You look like Anna.

Which is perplexing.  You look like me while also looking like your sister who looks mostly like her Dad.  But I do see it sometimes, and people comment on it, so it must be true:

9.  You are sleeping... better.

Which is to say that Momma is no longer anxiety-ridden around bedtime.  I can count on a few fingers how many times you've slept through the night, which is an improvement on last month. I'll take it.  But you know what I'd also take?  MORE SLEEP.  

10.  You are Mr. Buddy.

I'm afraid that this is a nickname that's going to be around for awhile.  We've all taken to calling you that, in one form or another.  (Mister B is also a popular one.)  It's better than Yoda, right?  Mister?  Mister Buddy? 

11. You are also Mr. Independent.

I don't think I would appreciate your independence as much if Anna hadn't been so... well, let's just say that I have never dropped you off at the gym or with your Grandparents or with anyone else for that matter and worried that you will scream the whole time.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Part of me wonders if you even know I've gone.  But then I return and you look at me like this:

And I'm reminded that yes, you do love me.  A lot.  You have just already figured out that the world has a lot more excitement in it than just your plain old Mom.  

That excitement about life is what I love most of all in you, my eleven month old little man.  You bring it out in me, too.



  1. I am dying, DYING, over this post. A) I can't believe he is almost ONE. And 2) he is so ridiculously cute. Good job, mama.

  2. Mr. Buddy is exuberant about everything! It's so easy to evoke his belly laugh over and over. He brings joy to everyone he sees.

  3. Mr B! So big! Every time you post I miss those precious faces a little bit more. I can't even handle that he doesn't have teeth yet...cutest smile EVER!

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  5. I loved seeing Mr. B and Anna over the weekend. I wholeheartedly agree with #1, he is a big flirt!

  6. Not once asked when you "got back with him". Omg. Funny, and so not funny. I am going to need some more time with that little sweetheart before he's not so little any more! I love how personable he is. Can't wait to see A-Rod (my personal fave) grow into an awesome kid. :) Happy 11 months!

  7. We ARE a family of eaters, but I think one of the eaters who contributed directly to Mr. B's genes might be able to eat the same thing at every meal (ahem, dog food). So perhaps the apple didn't fall *that* far from the tree...