Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties on a Snowy Day

We have just had our last big snowstorm of the season (she says, fingers crossed).  School was cancelled, music was cancelled, the neighborhood snow plows were in full effect.  As this is my fourth (FOURTH!) Minnesota winter, I have found that I have done less complaining about the weather this year than I have in winters past.  Could it be that I'm finally taking a liking to the seasons?  Or is it that I've got my hands too full most of the time to notice?  I'm not sure.  Either way, this always-California-girl-at-heart has learned to embrace the snowy days.  Here's how:

1. Appreciate the beauty of it
Come on, that's pretty.  Not Mai Tai on the beach pretty.  But pretty.

2.  Go out in it
This is the first winter that Anna can actually enjoy the snow.  Today we made snow angels and dragged a sled around (she refuses to ride in it) while Aaron napped.

3.  Be equipped for it

A certain someone reading this blog gives me a hard time for my shoe-snobbery.  This picture might illustrate why a woman in her thirties needs a good, tall pair of snow boots in these parts. (She also needs a good short pair, a good warm pair [treated, if leather], and a not-so-good junky pair for slipping on and off in the yoga studio.)

4.  Ask for help when you need it

Today I built my first snowman.  It didn't go well.  Dear Minnesota friends, I believe it might be too late to teach me.  But please, teach my children.

5.  Hunker down

I'm well aware of my tendency toward cabin fever.  Here's how we made it through the rest of the day today:


Crawl Practice

 Little Einsteins (Have you seen this show? Adorable. Plus, my kid can say 'Tchaikovsky'.)

Tea Party

Fort building

Barn playing

I can't believe I'm saying this, but as much as I'm ready for Spring, I'll miss the snow when it goes this year.  Who knows-- I might actually get my big butt in a pair of skis next winter.  Or maybe to snowman-making lessons, at the very least.  


  1. Ummm... Nice. Boots.

    Love you! Can't wait to enjoy some hot weather with you SOOOOON!

  2. I <3 the frog jammies. When your little outgrows them, can I have them? Not because I have a little, just because they're frog jammies?

  3. Haha, snowman making lessons. At least the kids don't know the difference... Yet.

  4. PS Love every single photo on this post. I cannot believe how gigantic Aaron is!

  5. Aww...you are learning the ways of the frozen tundra. The native Minnesnowtans will be happy to give snowman making lessons anytime.

  6. Ummm...I'm all in for snowman making!

  7. Warm weather traitor! NOW how am I supposed to convince everyone to move to Texas?

  8. Your legs look TINY in those boots. Probably because you have tiny legs.

    I so wish there was something in that snowman picture to show the scale... :)