Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Woman in her Thirties at Month Nine

Dear Mr. B,

This week you are nine months old.

Yes, you are.

I'm not even kidding.

Things are starting to get fun over here.  You are just figuring out crawling (who would have thought I would end up with a crawler?!), but you haven't quite figured out how to do it with your belly off the floor.  So you look like this at lot of the time:

But that's okay, because you're getting there.  You are so, so active, always wanting to get into everything, always wanting to grab at things and put them in your mouth.  We were lucky with our gentle little Anna in that way:

(Anna at nine months.  Can't handle it.)

She wasn't the explorer that you are.  But then again, she wasn't the extrovert you seem to be.  There is no one that doesn't make you smile.  

Not just smile.  Beam.  And it's ridiculously easy to make you laugh.

And I love that about you, so much.

It's March (AND STILL SNOWING, SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP), and I can't help but go back in my mind to March of last year.  Sure, it was 80 DEGREES, but despite the beautiful weather, things were starting to get a little scary around here.  I looked like this:

There were a lot of doctors, at lot of scenarios, a lot of crazy what-ifs.  Sure, I might be rockin' the leggings in that picture (you know it), but Momma was getting scared.

And yet, here you are:

Perfection.  You might be nine whole months now, but you should know there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank heavens for our good fortune; that you found your way to us.  

Now if you could please start sleeping through the night...



  1. He is the best nine month old ever! Aaron, please start sleeping 12 hours in a row at night, thank you. He looks so different than Anna at nine months!

  2. Perfection is right. Aaron, your mama is right, the thing I love most about you is that infectious smile (okay, and your hair). Happy 9 months!

  3. Nine months?!? How did that happen?

    I am SO excited to see this sweet boy and his adorable sister next month! YEAH!

  4. I love him so much!! He is seriously the most well behaved, charming baby boy that ever existed. And it doesn't hurt that he is SO CUTE. The sleep will come... I promise!