Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Visits Santa

I had an ominous feeling last week when we ventured out to see Santa.  My sweet little Anna has, over the course of her two years of life, become a bit shy around strangers.  Even people who aren't strangers get the shaft sometimes.  On the plus side, it is the sweetest thing ever when she nuzzles her head into my neck when someone tries to grab her attention.  On the minus side, I wasn't confident she would take to the big guy.

A woman in her thirties understands this is totally normal behavior, by the way.  I wasn't the least bit concerned while Anna explored the department store beforehand. If we got a good picture, great.  If we got a bad picture, well, we'd chalk it up to a rite of passage.

 Here's what we got:

It went exactly as I expected.  Aaron was totally chill, just checking things out and happy to bounce on Santa's leg.  Anna... well... not so much.

Here's where things get dicey.  When I saw the pictures, I burst out laughing.  I mean, seriously.  That's a funny picture.  The look on her face, the look on Santa's face, Aaron's double chin... Come on.  That's funny.

'You think it's funny that you traumatized your child?' I heard a voice say.

Wha?  It was the voice of the elf, the woman who took the picture.  I was so stunned that I couldn't say anything at first.  I was holding Anna, whispering in her ear that everything was okay, and thought to myself, 'What is it about the holidays and people judging the crap out of each other?'

'We'll take that one,' I said, probably a little too loudly, when the 'elf' said we didn't have to buy the pictures.  Then Santa worked on the hard sell, trying to get me to buy some cheap light-up frame so we could treasure our holiday memory.

Honestly, I love the holidays.  I love Christmas.  I love the church part, I love the commercial part.  So when I got my bearings together after the adventure was over (Aaron screamed the entire ride home, by the way), I took a minute to reflect upon the picture.  Was I a bad Mom for buying it?  Was I a bad Mom for thinking it was hilarious?  Maybe that elf was right, maybe I'd irreparably traumatized my child....

Nope. It was still funny. And I'm pretty sure Anna will agree someday.  A woman in her thirties learns to love all the moments in life, even the ones that don't turn out perfectly.


  1. Dude. Funniest Picture Ever. Screw that Elf....

  2. I guess that makes me a really bad mom because I was truly disappointed that we didn't get a crying Santa picture!! You're a great mom, don't ever question that ;-)

  3. Is it bad that I hate that elf??

    Hilarious picture... I have a feeling that Anna has already forgotten all about it... Thank god you bought the picture for proof. :)

  4. Don't take any crap from that elf. Anna will look back at that picture when she is 10 and laugh.

  5. All I have to say is...who was the one standing there in the elf costume?

  6. I love it. I have a similar picture of my daughter, now 4, at age 2 with one of the saddest faces ever sitting in Santa's lap. To this day, it is my all-time favorite. You and Anna will cherish this photo for years to come.

  7. That pictures is SERIOUSLY awesome. I cannot believe the elf said that!