Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties, Halfway

Dear Monsieur Buddy,

Tomorrow, you are six months old.

With your sister, even at this point, I counted everything by weeks. If someone asked me her age, I could tell them basically to the day.  But with you things are different in so many ways, the first among many being that this morning I looked at the calendar and said, 'Oh my gosh... is it really the twentieth? That means MY BABY IS SIX MONTHS OLD TOMORROW!'  And then mental freak-out commenced, because time is escaping me.

I also realized that, with Anna, I spent a lot of time in these letters talking about her milestones.  (She slept 4 hours straight!  She rolled over both ways!  She gave me mastitis!  Again!)  It's not that I don't keep track of these milestones with you, it's just that yours come while I'm trying to wipe Anna's nose, pick up Play Doh from the floor before Daniel eats it, and somehow get a shower in before noon.  Among other things.

And you... well, you just hang out during it all, like the chunky little monkey you are.

Completely content.  Totally happy.

And even though the laundry needs to be folded and the grocery list needs to be made, and did you know that it's Christmas next week and I still have two gifts to buy, I'm here to tell you that even though there are many days when I would actually CUT OFF MY RIGHT ARM FOR A DECENT NIGHT OF SLEEP, I can still go to the place we were six months ago...

...when we brought you home in your premie clothes.  I can remember looking at your tiny little feet and realizing how completely lucky we were.  Both of us.

So now, on your official half-birthday, I'd like to take a moment to thank you.  Thank you for being so completely patient with your sister.

(Taken just this morning-- she really wanted to hold your hand.)

Thank you for being so mellow, allowing pretty much anyone to hold you or feed you, thank you for making it so I don't want to strangle any woman who says she had an 'easy baby', and thank you for reminding me that midnight feedings, when it's just you and me, can be some of the most peaceful times of my day.  

I am so lucky to Mom to you.



  1. Love that last pic. And LOVE that little man!

  2. Cutest pics ever!! Happy half birthday Aaron :)

  3. I want to hold him~! Love. Every. Picture. And. Word. of this post!

  4. A&A definitely inherited your photogenic gene. Happy half birthday, Mister B!

  5. HOW is it possible that he is that old?! And oh, how I can relate to this post.