Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Dances

Remember that time if your life when you just did whatever you wanted without any inhibitions at all?  Remember when you could just let loose and dance and sing, and those moments were total and complete joy?

Me neither.

What I do know is that one of the best things about being a Mom is seeing that spirit in my children. I almost didn't sign up for music school with the kids this semester because I thought it was going to be too hard to wrangle both of them, too expensive, too cheesy for the likes of this woman in her thirties.

I brought out my camera this Tuesday to try to capture the light in Anna's face as she totally let loose and had the time of her life.  It's how it is every time we step into that room-- forty-five minutes of pure and simple happiness.

Here she is, impatiently waiting for class to start:

Standing in the middle of the circle, ready to dance:

 Is there anything better than a shaker?  I mean, really?

 Aaron, watching to the beat:


(Best picture ever?) 

A brief break to check on brother:

Drum time:

 Rattle-sucking time:

According the website, this class is supposed to be teaching my kids fine and gross motor skills and an appreciation for the arts.  I'd say it's working.  I'd also say that it's teaching me the same things.... and more.


  1. I am cracking up at some of those faces-- ALL Larry in so many of them. I've seen him dance with some of the same faces, too...

    And where is the video?

    P.S. Mason went to a trick or treat event where he got up on stage and when the emcee asked him his name, he told him and then did a little gig. The crowd was dying.

  2. OH MY God! I thought the SAME thing! Larry all the way! Just like her Daddy....She's got Moves! So so cute! I think I may need to go to that class and learn some gross motor skills.... ;)

  3. I LOVED that class! I want to come back! So glad you signed up again. She is adorable in those pics.