Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties and her Mini-Me

Dear Mister Mister,

This week, you are five months old.

My little Mister, my Mister Buddy, my Mistermistermister. How can five months have gone by?

I'm going to start this letter off by telling you a secret.  Well, it's not that much of a secret, not to a few select people.  But it has taken me five whole months to wrap my head around, so here goes:

You look like me.

Now keep in mind that a woman in her thirties has a rudimentary understanding of biology, and somewhere ostensibly I knew that any child I had through my body might look like me.  But when your sister came out and looked like this:

(Anna at five months. That hair.)

I felt pretty sure that L's Chinese genes were going to always dominate, and that was just the way it was going to be.  

But, well, here you are.  Looking like me:

 (That's right, homies.  That's me.  You know you love it.  Mom, can we talk about the bangs, please?)

Anyway, your turning out looking like me has proven problematic.  When people tell me how cute Anna is, my normal response is, 'Yeah, I know.'  Not in a sarcastic way, in a she-really-is-ridiculously-cute way.  But now, when people tell me how cute you are, their remark is usually followed by, 'He looks just like you!'

Which I'm not totally sure how to respond to.  You look like me and yet you are completely, heart-meltingly adorable.  Pretty sure the two are mutually exclusive, but there you go.

I do a lot of talking about how great you are, so maybe I should use this opportunity to say a few things you need to work on.  You know, when you're up at night soul-searching.  

First, buddy, you scratch yourself constantly.  It's getting a little out of control.  

I've resorted to putting socks on your hands to stop you, but for some reason you still find a way.  Quit it, okay?

Next, there is the pooping.  It's not just the sheer quantity of disgusting blowouts, it's the fact that you seem to NEVER do them in anyone else's presence but mine.  I usually go to yoga Saturday mornings, okay?  Could you at least save ONE for your Dad?

And finally, there is tummy time.  If there is one way to make you mad, it's to put you on your tummy.  

Look, I'm sorry.  It's got to happen.

Five months seems like such a short time, but when I think about June and when you arrived, it feels like ages ago.  I hardly remember what it was like to be the Mom of one, mostly because you have brought me so much joy that it's hard to imagine my life without your smiling face and big brown eyes.

Happy five months to my little mini-me.  It's been crazy, and will probably only get crazier, but I definitely know how lucky I am that we're in this together.



  1. Yes, he DOES look like you....and yes, he IS adorable! So adorable!
    BTW...on the poop subject...welcome to BOYS! And I hate to say it, but it only gets worse...

  2. He is so stinking cute, just like his mom!

  3. I feel EXACTLY the same way when people say Anna looks like me. I always want to say, "Very nice of you to say, but she is clearly 1,000,000,000,000 times cuter."

    However, since you look like a supermodel, I'd say the comparisons between you and Aaron are far more accurate.

  4. You have the nicest sister-in-law. :)

    I can't handle that he is 5 months old. WHAT?!

    He IS painfully cute, and does look just like you. Lucky little guy. :)