Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties is

I have mentioned before that L and I are more on the minimalist side of things.  Don't get me wrong-- we have plenty of stuff.  But we are not stuff collectors.  L simply doesn't buy anything unless he's thoroughly analyzed and researched it, and  I am a big-time purger of unnecessary things.  In this way, we work very well together.  Hoarders would not be interested in documenting our lives.

But sometimes, particularly when I go to other people's houses for play dates, I think that maybe we are too minimal.  I know, I know.  Toys schmoys.  But it has started messing with me a little bit, the fact that our basement has two hand me down swings, a set of Megablocks, flashcards, a broken toy piano, and... well, that's about it.  Is Anna perfectly fine with her Megablocks?

Why yes, she is.  But her birthday is coming up, and that means that Christmas is around the corner, and I just got the Toys R Us Great Big Book of Everything Your Child Could Ever Desire, and it has gotten me thinking about getting her something nice for both occasions.

That's right.  Two 'nice' things.  One for her birthday, one for Christmas.  That's it.  Shouldn't be that hard.  Right?

Apparently it is.  A woman in her thirties should be able to look through a stupid catalogue and pick out a couple of gifts for her children. I was thinking maybe a kitchen play set for her birthday, and a dollhouse for Christmas.  Maybe a couple Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood toys, if they have them, since Anna is obsessed with that show.  I was thinking this would take ten minutes, tops.

Here's where I've run in to trouble:

(Actual screenshot of the Toys R Us website.  Let's all have a moment of silence for the fact that I was able to do that all my myself).

That is the first eight of all NINETY-THREE items that pop up when you search for a kitchen set on the Toys R Us website.  A woman in her thirties knows a little something about herself, and what I know about myself is that I am overwhelmed easily.  My heart started palpitating, so I searched again, this time for a dollhouse:

A wooden dollhouse is different than an actual dollhouse?  The accessories are extra?  Furniture is not an 'accessory'?  Wha?

Thinking I was in the wrong place, I checked out a couple of different websites for kids.  One Step Ahead is a favorite.  But the same thing happened when I searched for toys:  Panic.  Sweat.  The desire to get up and do some dishes or... gulp... dust.  Ugh.

As a full-time educator on hiatus and part-time worry-wart, I know that the decisions I make in the next few years as a Mom will have a major impact on my kids' lives.  I also know that I'm way, way, waaaaay over thinking this.

Suggestions for gifts for a two year old's birthday?  Ideas for places to shop that don't make me dizzy?  Wine, in case I get thirsty?  I'll take a little of each.


  1. One word. Costco. Best Deal, best toys, Best return policy if the toy for some reason isn't what you dreamed. Maddie's Kitchen will be coming down the chimney from Costco this Christmas. Just like her Dollhouse did last year. P.s The dollhouse form Costco COMES with furniture. I'm just sayin. Good Luck!

    P.p.s. No matter what you pick....she is going to LOVE it.

  2. Books!!! The kitchen is a good ones, though. I have no where-to-buy suggestions because Mason's toys (few as they may be) have come from garage sales and thrift stores. Now, Marlee is getting Mason's hand-me-downs.

    I'm in for it when my children discover Toys R Us or we ever get cable TV...

  3. I use the classified section of my mother's club and buy used. That way I figure the first mom did the research for me PLUS it's already built!

  4. I use the classified section of my mother's club and buy used. That way I figure the first mom did the research for me PLUS it's already built!

  5. Kidcraft for a kitchen. You can buy it through Amaon. I also scored stuff when a preschool closed and sold all of its toys.

  6. I watch 4 two-year-olds currently, so I should say I feel like an 'expert' in this area :). They don't need the kitchen, get the little extra stuff that goes with it, the forks and plate, aprons and oven mitts, that's the stuff that they LOVE! You can keep it all in a little tidy bin,

    since you are *that* kind of person ;)

  7. Roseanne, just go to Creative Kids Stuff, tell them what you want, stand there and they will bring it to you ;) They are the BEST!!!

  8. Delegate to your sister-in-law who would be delighted to pick out some stuff for her favorite niece and nephew!