Monday, September 3, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties, This Summer

Summer is winding down, L is back at work, and we start our Fall schedule this week.  I started to get a little sad last night thinking about how nice Fall is here, but how it only lasts a short while, and then we start with the endless winter.  And then I thought, man, a woman in her thirties needs to plan a vacation somewhere warm.  But then I thought, oh yeah... two kids under two.  Not happening.

Koh Samui with my girls, circa (what feels like) 100,000 years ago

So we didn't get to go on vacation this year.  Or last. Or the year before that.  But before I started to go into full sorry-for-myself mode, I reached for my phone and started flipping through my pictures.  I realized that this summer I might not have sipped a cocktail while watching the sun set:

Koh Krabi, BK (before kids)

I did go on vacation.  Not the kind I might have planned, but the kind my kids loved.  So here it is, a tour of all our summer play:

Inspecting the new sprinkler system

Amazing ourselves with our stamp talent

Doing the 'happy to be at the library' dance (Anna, remind me someday to tell you the story behind this picture.  It involves almond cookies.  And then your brother.)

Pool party at the neighbor's house

Sidewalk chalk (in a tu-tu, obvi)


Checking out the sky at outdoor yoga

Dancing (Mom's signature moves)

More sky checking-out (while Anna plays with rocks)

Dinosaur riding

And grass-rolling

In other words, I didn't get the vacation a woman in her thirties might have wanted.  But it was the best summer ever.


  1. Cutest. Pictures. Ever.

    We can just look forward to the old style of vacationing in our Forties...

  2. Or 50's. Some of us will have kids in college in our 40's:( love every single picture! Can't wait to see those kids!

  3. Looks like a great summer to me!! Super cute pictures!

  4. Oh my gosh. These pictures make me happy.

    Also, Texas is warm. You could vacation here with the kids and have enthusiastic babysitters at your beck and call! Just sayin'...

  5. I love her outfit at the library.

  6. It WAS 100,000 years ago. At least. Sheesh. These pictures are a 100,000 times more beautiful, though. :)

  7. I *never* get the vacation I want... but that would involve winning the lotto or selling something(s) I may or may not go to jail for doing...

    so, I've learned to be fine with that. Perspective, right?