Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Makes Beef and Broccoli

I am married to the pickiest man alive.  I could tell many, many stories supporting this fact. Let's just say that my husband has one pair of ripped sweatpants, one pair of broken glasses, and the SAME PAIR OF SHOES from J.Crew from college (college!) because he would rather have something old and ragged than something new that he doesn't love.  In some ways, this has worked in my favor.  L's gift-giving is second to none. In others, it's reeeeeally annoying. 

Case in point:  Food.  L likes what he likes.  His pickiness, coupled by the fact that his Mom makes the best Chinese food on either side of the Mississippi, has made mealtime... challenging. 

Until... B and B.  B+B.  Beef and Broccoli.

(Our priest, Father J, marrying us. Pretty sure the vows said something like, 'To love, honor, and make beef and broccoli at least once a week'.)

A woman in her thirties gives credit where it's due, and in this case it's due to the Williams Sonoma 'Asian' cookbook.  I have only modified the recipe ever so slightly.  Keep in mind that I haven't eaten red meat myself since before Clinton was President, so you'll have to rely on my husband, Mr. Picky McPickerson, to tell you how good it is.  I will say that it is his most requested dish, and if I ever want something, it's always a good idea to soften L up with some good ol' Bee and Bee.


1/3 cup water
1/4 cup Oyster Sauce (I like House of Tsang because it pours easier than the other brands)
3 tbs La Choy Low Sodium  (Kikkoman is a dealbreaker in the C house)
2 tbs Sherry Wine (fun fact-  anytime a Chinese recipe calls for wine, Shao Hsing or whatever, just use Sherry.  It's close enough and you can find it anywhere.)
1/2 tsp sugar
Splash of sesame oil
Lots of pepper
3 tsp flour (the recipe calls for 1 tsp cornstarch, but that leaves the sauce really runny.  If you like that, then go for it.  But Mr. Pickypants prefers the texture the flour gives.)

1.5 lbs steak (I don't know the first thing about cuts of meat, sorry), cut into cubes
1 package Broccoli Wokly

(Don't judge me.  Buying regular broccoli and cutting it myself is obviously cheaper and not all that hard.  I justify this purchase with the fact that this bag contains the EXACT perfect amount of broccoli- not a floret to waste.  But do whatever floats your boat.)

Mix up everything but the steak and broccoli in a small bowl.  You'll have to press the lumps of flour out with the spoon so it mixes well, sorry.

Heat up your wok or pan or whatever, and add a couple tablespoons of corn oil.  Then put in the steak and cook it up about half way how you like it:

 (Apparently there is a science to this.  I just cook it until it's only a little pink.)

Add the broccoli and sauce:
(The recipe says to cook the broccoli separately, but I am far too lazy for that.)

Mix it up and cover for about five minutes or so, until the broccoli is cooked how you like it.  This is how Picky Pickeroo likes it:

And there you have it.  Serve it over rice, obviously.  (Calrose, if you're interested.)  If you're L, douse it in Tabasco.  If you're normal, eat it as is.

L doesn't know it, but tonight's B+B is going to cost him one of those cute new striped sweaters at Banana Republic.  Bon appetit!


  1. I love when you post recipes! I'm sure this will be on the menu for my next visit. Please and Thank you.

  2. "Splash of"... "Lots of"... um... I will try. I promise. It does look delicious!

  3. Yuuuummmm. You have never steered me wrong with your Asian recipes. This one goes on next week's shopping list!

  4. Ha ha! I could just picture Fr. J. saying, "do you promise to make B+B for the rest of your life?" :) Will have to give the recipe a try!

  5. Oyster oil, sesame sauce? Hmmmm....not sure but it looks really yummy! Maybe you could teach me when I come:)

  6. I almost didn't read this post because it was titled about food. But, the picture drew me in. You tricked me!

  7. L's mom says this is the best beef w broccoli anywhere. Great flavor and not greasy.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, we made this tonight and it was good. I bought the prepackaged broccoli on your recommendation. What do you eat on B+B night?

  9. How can I be this behind on your blog, oh yes... it must have been the recipe included (you know I don't do recipes, lol!)