Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties, Down Two

Hey Buddy,

Another four weeks have passed, and you are two months old. I'm pretty sure this has been the fastest AND slowest month of human history, but don't ask me how that's possible.  It's a mystery, like the pyramids and how I accidentally 'liked' Khloe Kardashian on my Facebook page.

People keep asking me how things are going.  By 'things', they mean the basics.  Eating.  Sleeping.  Pooping.  I'm happy to say that you're doing all of those things quite well, just not in the order I might like.  Particularly the sleeping.

Particularly.  The.  Sleeping.  

But a woman in her thirties should know that she can't have it all.  What you lack in the sleep department you more than make up for in the sweetness department.  You coo and snort and fart really loudly, and oftentimes the only thing you want in the whole wide world is for someone (anyone) to hold you.  And with a face like yours, it's impossible to say no.  Even at 3:00am.  

Anna is still doing well with adding you to our mix.  I think she's been sufficiently spoiled by visitors and friends, and only recently has started a baby revolt (involving refusing to go to sleep, of course), when she feels like the attention is not being fairly divvied.  I'm not going to lie-- those times have been tough.  But there are times, magic times, when both of you sleep and the house is quiet, and it is in those moments that I turn off my phone, respond quickly to emails, and breathe.  

Just yesterday you started smiling. You've smiled before, but I can say now that you are actually responding and interacting.  I don't know if you realize just how appropriate the timing was, but let's just say this Momma needed it.  It's what got me in my sleep-deprived fog to take you and your sister to the park, where she went up the slides:

And you were content to lay there, looking up at the sky:

I had one of those rare, peaceful moments where I get to look past the current battle of logistics and be thankful I get to watch you, both of you, take part in your world.  It is so easy for a woman in her thirties with two young children to forget to recognize just how incredible that is.  Here's to approaching month three with with open eyes...

And smiles.



  1. I tell people (now) that God knows JUST when to make them start smiling. For us, it was the day before we were about to drop Marlee off at the fire station... kidding... sort of... :)

    TWO months, though? That is just crazy! I love every single one of these pictures. Instagram is the best.

  2. He's ADORABLE! I love how much personality he has! And I LOVE Miss Anna B and all her fabulousness on the slide. Miss you.

  3. That guy is AWESOME! You have 2 ADORABLE little ones, L!