Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Says Cheese

It's true what they say about kids being sponges. I'll refrain from listing Anna's most recent accomplishments (SHE CAN COUNT TO TWELVE!) but I can't resist sharing what she learned recently from Sesame Street.  Elmo's World had an episode about taking pictures, and she learned that in order to take a picture, one must say cheese.

Fun fact-- in Chinese they say 'eggplant', which sounds a lot like 'cheese'.  

Anyway, here's how picture-taking now goes in our house, thanks to Elmo and his cheese-teaching:

Believe me, there is no woman in her thirties that loves Elmo more than I do.  In fact, I'm thinking the Corporation for Public Broadcasting deserves a sizable donation from the C family, in thanks for all their great programming.

But seriously, Elmo, how do we un-teach this?

Oh well.  A woman in her thirties makes do.  My pictures are now sneak attacks, along with a few pilfered images like this one from my mother-in-law:

And as for Elmo, well, he got us through a rough weekend of fevers and unhappiness.  He is forgiven.  Cheese.


  1. That pic of Anna coloring....ALL YOU!! I have never seen her look more like you...

    In fact...I have been the recipient of that look many, many times....

  2. These photos could not be more endearing! So cute!

    An auntie in her 40s is looking forward to practicing her sneak attack technique.

  3. Ha! That is adorable. If it makes you feel any better, I go to sleep with The Backyardigans' songs in my head..

  4. She can count to 12! I am so impressed!

  5. YES-- I'm with Heidi, that may as well be you staring up with that crayon in your hand. So funny! I love this post, and have bookmarked it for when I'm having a bad day and need to smile. :)

  6. Love the one on the step! You have a genius on your hands lady!

  7. Love her! She has the cutest little smile... thanks Elmo :)