Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Succeeds

I know what you all have been thinking.  'It's been over two months since that post about Orchid... that poor woman in her thirties probably killed it and is too embarrassed to admit it.'

Do you mean this orchid??

Or maybe this orchid?

About eight more weeks (hopefully!) until Yoda makes his appearance.  I can't believe I'm about to say this, but we're ready.  If there's one good thing about having a complicated pregnancy, it forces you to be prepared earlier than you might be otherwise.  

Nursery... check.
Living orchid (aka sanity)... check.
Adorable big sister...

Double check.

Now we get to sit back, relax while we can, and bloom.  


  1. BIG sister is right!

    Hello-- nursery pictures???

    Kuddos on keeping the orchid alive. That takes mad skills.

  2. You ARE set! Congrats on the orchid:)

  3. I can't believe you are 8 weeks away, seriously, you *just* posted you were pregnant.

    Or so I feel... you can totally kick me for saying that.