Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Sleeps

First off, thanks to everyone for the comments and emails regarding my last post. A woman in her thirties should be able to recognize a fellow woman in her thirties in crisis, and I was most definitely in crisis. The good news-- the amazingly amazing news-- is that we are back to sleeping like normal human beings.

I'm writing this as the Oscars are going on in the background, so in keeping with the theme I will say that the Oscar for the best advice goes to... well, all of you. What worked for us was pieces of what all of you said, a few sentences from my sleep books, and a couple helpful words from the pediatrician. Oh, and an epiphany from L. So here it is-- my helpful advice for getting your 15 month old to sleep through the night again:

1. Ger her well. As in not sick. When she's sick, all bets are off. Just get through it.
2. Lower the crib. This was L's epiphany, and... DUH. Kinda hard to fall asleep standing up when your chin can't rest on the rail. #Daddyprops
3. Listen to her cry. I could have spared myself several nights of agony if I'd listened more closely to HOW she was crying, instead of just focused on the fact that she was crying. Whiny cry=let her sort it out on her own. Screamy cry=something else might be going on. Again...DUH.
4. Be patient. Because that's soooo easy.

Now that I reflect on it, I see that #4 was really the clincher in all of this. I'm not proud to say that last Wednesday, in a sleep-deprived fog, when a woman told me that Anna was the cutest baby she'd ever seen, my actual response was, 'She's not that cute.' And how about when I logged into Facebook after a particularly hellish night and almost unfriended a girl who had written a post about how her 14 month old son had woken up singing to his blankie, and it was going to be a beautiful day. It's kinda hard to get through anything when that's your view of your world.

But sleep and patience do go hand in hand, and I must say that after a few nights of sleep I've been able to enjoy more messy meals:More messy art projects:
And more iPhones covered in slobber:
And the Oscar for most improved Mom goes to... me.


  1. No, really, she IS that cute. YAY for sleep! Why didn't God just impart all that wisdom in us in the first place? Or somehow pass it on to us during conception? I feel like that would make things easier.

  2. That last photo is like a glimpse of Anna as an older girl...maybe a young teenager. Hanging out and checking out her phone...if cell phones still exist in their current state then, that is.

    I am still impressed that she could sleep standing up. I don't think even L and I, both champion sleepers, ever pulled that one off (Mom? Did we?)!

    Hooray for sleeping! <3

  3. She just get's cuter and cuter.

    Hooray for Daddy and tools for lowering cribs!

    p.s. You are the MOST patient person I know. Sleep deprived or not. You are doing an AWESOME job.

    Love you!

  4. What a clever, cute post.

    And yes, she's still super cute.

    And I'm so glad that you are starting to feel better too :)

  5. Horsy for Daddy! And mommy. AND AB!

  6. Charlie learned to stand last night and proceeded to stay up all night SCREAMING. We are exhausted. I just read this blog post out loud to Scott. We're hoping tonight will be a better night. I'm so glad she's sleeping again! YAY!