Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Keeps the Dream Alive

If people who are good with plants are called 'green thumbs', lets call mine red. Or purple. In my twenties, it felt acceptable to say I wasn't good with plants. I had a lot of studying (drinking) to do. However, in the past three years being in my thirties, the plants that have made it into my house have continued to die slow, painful deaths. I no longer feel like this is okay. If a woman in her thirties can keep a baby alive, she can remember to water a plant for crying out loud.

Today I saw this beautiful orchid on sale at Whole Foods, so I named her... well, Orchid. And she came home with me.Orchid has come to symbolize a lot for me. Can I simultaneously care for her and Anna? Can I remember Orchid's needs without sacrificing the needs of my daughter's? Can I love Orchid as much as I love Anna, even though it doesn't feel possible that I could ever love anything as much as I love my AB?Everyone clear where I'm going with this?

Orchid, welcome to the family. No pressure, but your well-being is going to be directly linked to my sanity in the coming months. Do me a favor, will you? Live.


  1. You can love AB with all your heart, and love Orchid, too. In fact, you will find enough love for everyone. Promise.

  2. Dude. You picked an Orchid? I'm just sayin...

    I think even Gram has killed an Orchid.

    But I have faith.


    You can do it!


  3. One ice cube once a week will keep that orchid happy. My dad has a GREEN thumb and he doesn't even attempt to grow orchids. You will do great!

  4. Orchids are not human beings :) This is exactly why I can't get a dog, pretty sure I couldn't handle taking care of it. Five kids, sure why not? But a dog, or a umm, an orchid... he$$ no.

    You are going to kick ass being an orchid mom!

  5. I know where you're going with that.

    And. Well. I hope for MK's sake my lack of a green thumb is just that.

    I've learned to accept it. Her nursery has a cactus. :)

  6. Ummm is that how AB stands as she is crying and falling asleep?!?! Pretty sure I see a hint of you in that picture. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be the best mom ever...to AB. And Orchid ;)

  7. Unexpected hazard of reading blogs on the iPad: too difficult to comment, so need to revisit via laptop later.

    The thing about orchids is that they are ridiculously dependent on having perfect lighting conditions. More so than any other plant I've ever met. If you have the right kind of orchid light, orchids are easy. If you don't, orchids are almost impossible. I know this because I can keep orchids going for ages in my office, but they invariably die painful deaths in my house.

    Not so with babies. Whatever the fate of Orchid, all the babies in your house will thrive, guaranteed.

  8. Hi! Found your blog through your comment on People I want to Punch (etc. etc).
    Giggle, Laugh, Cry

  9. No worries, you are not alone! I have a black thumb and kill everything too. I also encounter this problem when I acquire small critters... fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. I think this is why I did not want a child. Ever. I used to have nightmares that people would come over to see my baby and I would have to hunt all over the house looking for it until I finally remembered I had put it up on the bookshelf a few weeks ago. I would then retrieve it, hoping it hadn't wilted and turned black or lost its scales or something, and if it had, that no one would notice. But it turns out that whole maternal instinct thing isn't just a load of hogwash. You will be an excellent mommy to two amazing little kiddos, no sweat. :D As for the orchid... maybe you should have mercy and put it up for adoption!

  10. I like to remember that love is like the flame of a candle. You can take a candle and light another, and you have two flames... but the original flame is just as bright. It will be amazing to see how much your love multiplies when you welcome baby #2. I hope this helps.