Monday, February 20, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties is Losing It. Help.

Hi. Have you met my baby? She's really cute:

She's also really smart. Her most recent words are 'credit card' and 'octopus'.

She's also really sweet. This is her giving Cookie Monster kissies at bathtime:

In fairness, a few things have happened in the last six weeks. We've weaned off the bottle completely, gotten molars, wrestled with bronchitis, and are currently at the tail end of an ear infection. Things for Bubbie Bubberooni have not been easy. But this is getting ridiculous.

Let me give you a glimpse into what last night was like. Keep in mind this is not the worst it's been in the last few weeks-- this is just a typical night in the C house nowadays:

7:00-Get ready for bed and try to rock to sleep-- all while AB screams her face off
7:30-Mom, exhausted, passes AB to Daddy
7:30-8:00 Daddy calms AB down while Mom consults sleep book for some sort of magical formula
8:00- Mom tries bedtime again-- more screaming
8:30- Mom puts AB in her crib to 'cry it out' (aka torture herself)
9:00- AB grows tired of crying, so SHE FALLS ASLEEP WHILE STANDING UP IN HER CRIB
9:05- Mom goes to lay AB down, then strokes her face as she falls back asleep
9:10- Mom sneaks out of the room, knowing by now which areas of the room creak and avoids stepping on them and waking AB up
1:00am- AB is awake, screaming
1:15-1:45am- Mom goes in to try to lay her down, tries the 'stroke and sneak out' approach that worked earlier-- not this time
2:00am- Mom brings AB to bed with her and Daddy, exhausted
3:00am- Mom moves AB back to her crib
4:00am- AB is awake again, Mom is too exhausted to do anything other than bring her back to bed with her
6:30am- AB is awake, happy as can be. Mom mumbles to herself while making breakfast and thinks a straightjacket may be in order

Weissbluth says to let her cry it out, but for no longer than an hour (AB can go for an hour, easy). Ferber suggests the 'progressive wait' approach, which I tried last week and resulted in FOUR HOURS of pure hell. I've googled, and I don't see anything about what to do when your child falls asleep standing up. Or how the hell you're supposed to know when your child is sick versus teething versus in a bad sleep habit.

A woman in her thirties uses her resources, and you, blogverse, are my resources. I'm ready for you all to help solve my problems. Ready... go:


  1. Just survive. You need rest, too. If she wants to sleep in your bed, let her, but only if you can get sleep with her in there, too. She will eventually sleep. This will pass.

  2. Oh honey... as soon as you figure something out AB will switch up her strategy and screw things up. Here's what worked for us: same routine, every time, religiously. There were some cry-it-out moments. There were a handful of just-let-him-sleep-with-us moments. Whatever it takes to get you through the night, that's what is most important.

    If all else fails and you find yourself up in the middle of the night, call me! Or send a text. Marlee and I are up chillin' at all hours of the night too.

  3. Oh honey... I COMPLETELY feel your pain. Stella was such a good sleeper until we took her binky away. This also coincided with my first tri-mester. She spent a lot of time in our bed. She still usually wakes up a couple times a night. I try to let her cry herself back to sleep if it's before five but if it's after that I bring her into bed where she goes to sleep with no problem. But I'll be honest there are nights that I give in and bring her in because I am just so tired. So basically, if you figure out the magic cure... Let me know!!

  4. I'm with V. However...I currently have a 2 and half year old in my bed 5 to 6 nights a week. So...I"m not one to ask.....

    Just tell yourself what I tell myself...This too shall pass.....Do what ya gotta do....

  5. NONE of these answers are what you're looking for are they?! I know you want a definitive answer that will cure this issue...not going to happen. again...trial and error, just like you're doing. And as everyone whatever it takes to make it through the night with as much sleep (for you!) as possible! THIS WILL PASS. And yes....before the next one comes. Hang in there and PRAY PRAY PRAY! For patience AND for sleep!

  6. I know this sounds horrible but have you tried drugging her up? (wink)

    No, seriously. Maybe it is her teeth hurting her, or she's got an ear infection, maybe a little Tylenol is just what she needs... but I don't know.

    It will pass. Get sleep whenever and whenever you can.

    PS - what a talented thing, she can sleep standing up!!!

  7. Oh no! You were so good with routine and the CIO method when she was a baby and so this must be SO unexpected. I thought if we did the sleep training early and stayed consistent all would be good. But, I heard there are sleep regressions that happen to all babies at different times and are usually linked to a major milestone, a change, or an illness. Is she sleeping better now? I'm catching up on your blog, I guess we'll see...