Friday, January 20, 2012

A Woman in her Thirties Gets Away

There was a time in the not-so-distant past, when preparing for a trip took a total of twenty minutes. Weekend in Hong Kong? Meet you at the airport. Impromptu trip to Tahoe? I'll drive. The majority of the time I devoted to trip-planning was spent grumbling about my lack of things to wear while I did the laundry.

Now, things are different. I'm getting ready for a MUCH anticipated girls' weekend in California, and the last three days have consisted of meal planning:
Schedule making:And rice-cooker instruction-leaving:Now before anyone gets all judge-y, keep in mind that I consider L a perfectly capable and wonderful father. What he is not, always, is in the same country and AB and me. And a happy weekend for L, means a happy weekend for me.

Because that's what this weekend is all about, right? A happy weekend...

Then can someone please tell me why I keep welling up with tears when I think about leaving this face:
Oh, and did I mention this face:How about this face:A woman in her thirties gets away, because she needs to. I've just never had this much cuteness to leave behind.


  1. That face!!! So cute.

    You're a good mom.

    Can't wait to see you!!

  2. She's so Adorable! I'm so glad you are coming my way!!!

  3. AB is standing!
    I don't remember seeing that in AA.
    Furniture walking is next.

    -- uncle h

  4. I didn't know you were going also! I should have delayed this Montana vacation. I'm so sad!

  5. Three things...
    1. I love the stars on the Tupperware.
    2. "Rice 101" Haha!
    3. That FACE! Ugh... I need more of that. Soon.

  6. That last face - PRICELESS!!

    That And I thought my schedule was crowded.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. I did that same schedule thing when I went to BlogHer, like a million years ago.

    Yep, that was the last time I had time to myself.

    Except my birthday, but I was in the same city still, does that count?!

    I'd have a hard time leaving that adorable face too!