Monday, December 5, 2011

A Woman in her Thirties is Challenged

It's been a rough couple of weeks at the C house. Tears were shed. Tantrums were thrown. And Anna had a hard time, too.

It turns out that the culprit was an allergy to penicillin, the exact thing that was supposed to cure Bubbie's pneumonia. I'll spare the details, but I'll say this: I think Dante missed out on an opportunity for eternal torture in The Inferno. Caring for a sick child belongs somewhere between the infernal hurricane and the fortune tellers with their heads on backwards.

We're on the mend (meaning we are sleeping again!), but for this post I'll share some of my favorite images of the past weeks'.... challenge. A woman in her thirties uses euphemisms to the most, doesn't she? As in, 'Being a Mom can be a challenge, but she sure is cute, isn't she?'

The "My Fever is Finally Breaking" Glare:

The "Give Me One More Bite and I Swear I'll Puke All Over You" Stare:

The "Gimme the Sunglasses Unless You Want Me to Meltdown Completely" Look:


The "You'll Pay For This Someday" Look of Death:


  1. Oh no! Hugs, a non- sleeping, crying, feverish toddler is the worst. Glad you are all on the mend.

  2. Ohhh... poor babies. :( You are not kidding about the sick kid business. Add that to the List of Things People Don't Tell You About Having Children. It's a long, long list.

  3. Seriously. That last look is PRICELESS. love. Glad everyone is feeling better and sleeping!!

  4. sorry you've had a hard time. but, now that things are better life is going to feel easy. :)

  5. Ohhh...I feel for you. Glad things are looking up:)

  6. Pictures and captions are mui perfecto.

  7. Oh, I feel your pain! Our house was taken over by the Plague, which is why we couldn't make it to the Christmas party this year. I hope little Anna is feeling better now, and that you have paid your dues for the season.