Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Woman in her Thirties Plans Parties All By Herself*

Please note: Any sentence in this post that ends with a (*) is a lie. A woman in her thirties tells the truth. Ish.

Ever since Anna was born, I have been planning her first birthday party!* I love planning events and hosting parties, mainly because I'm so good at it!* All by myself, without any help from H, I came up with the idea of 'It's good to BEE One!'* I couldn't wait to start shopping on Etsy for cute bumble bee themed party favors and decorations!*

I spent a ton of time stressing out about this party.* I just felt like everything had to be PERFECT.* H was totally supportive of my paperless invitations, as well as my idea to buy all the food from Costco.* She thinks I have great taste, and knew that everything I picked was going to be fabulous.*

Here are some pictures from the big day. I was so excited we got our first snow on the day of the party!* (I had tons of time to take pictures, so these were definitely not hijacked from Auntie M's memory card.*)
Clearly, AB didn't enjoy all the attention she received on her birthday.* I'm so happy I did all of this by myself, without any help from my mother-in-Law, sister-in-law, husband, and friend H.* Can't wait to start planning for next year!*


  1. Hilarity :) It looks like it turned out perfectly!

  2. You are so funny! Looks like it was so cute!

  3. The party looked adorable! Love the theme, great choice! And, all the * at the end of the sentences cracked me up! Embrace throwing parties, it is fun! :)

  4. Look at you! Quite the party planner!* I would have just gotten in the way!*


    Miss you.

    You did a FABULOUS job. (no star needed)

  5. I heart Mrs. Kirbyface's comment. Mrs. Kirbyface, I wish you had been there to celebrate with us!

    And L. Shanna, you really DID do an amazing job with the party. It was perfect in every way...just like the guest of honor.