Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Woman in her Thirties is Eleven Things

Dear Spookies,

In this penultimate letter to you, I've decided to write down eleven things you might be interested in knowing about the eleventh month of your life. If nothing else, let it serve to remind you that a woman in her thirties can use the word 'penultimate' in a sentence correctly. Vocabulary is important.

1. You have the flexibility of a gymnast. I haven't the slightest idea where you get it from, since touching my toes can prove to be somewhat challenging. Teacher B said yesterday that you need to get enrolled in a dance class ASAP. Let's work on walking first.

2. You know exactly who loves you. You've got your Nie Nie wrapped around your little finger, as well as our cleaning lady, Maria. No one ever gets anything done when you're around.

3. You can go from this:To this:In 2.2 seconds flat. Some warning would be good, Pookin.

4. You still don't have any teeth. I mean, I see them in there, but none of them have poked up. None. My Mom maintains that I had teeth by the time I was four months old, but then again, we're not working under the assumption that you're really my daughter, are we?

5. Last Christmas, when you were still itty bitty, I got a Nook e-reader. Someday you will find that very cute and outdated, but right now it's kinda the cool thing. Anyway, since then I've averaged two books a week, many of them read while feeding you and rocking you to sleep. My favorites have been The Invisible Bridge, Unbroken, Little Bee, and State of Wonder. Read them someday if you're feeling nostalgic for your babyhood.

6. You play a lot. Sometimes you will stop what you're doing and look up at me with a huge smile on your face as if to say, 'Did you see that, Mom? That was so awesome!'
7. You love to feed Daniel. This is a problem, since he is on a strict diet. But it makes you so proud to drop food to him that sometimes we let it slide.
8. You are a talker. All day, everyday, it's Da-DEE, Mom-MEE, and something that sounds like GdongGdongGdong. Often I will turn off the radio in my car and listen to you babble. It's more entertaining than anything I'd find on MPR.

9. You dance. You love the opening credits to The Ellen Degeneres Show as well as The Daily Show. I swear I'm going to video tape it one day and send it to Jon Stewart, in hopes he'll fly us out to New York to meet him.
10. Bath time is the best time at Club C. It will be a sad day when you outgrow this plastic duck tub. Much splashing and Gdonggdonging has taken place in it:
11. Month eleven has been just as wonderful as months 3-10, and a hundred times more wonderful than months 1-2. I am a thousand times happier today than I was yesterday, and a million times happier than I was the day before that. You are a thousand times cuter than I ever thought possible, which is three times cuter than the cutest baby in the world.

That is a lot of math for a woman in her thirties who never quite excelled in the subject. What I'm trying to say is that I love you infinitely.



  1. Eleven months!!! Where has it gone? AB, you are growing into such a beautiful, happy baby. You have some great parents who have made that happen. :)

  2. Cutest pictures EVER.

    She just gets more and more adorable.

  3. Love that litlle face! Emma Kate has that same gray sweatshirt:)

  4. I love doing this month posts too. Can you believe that she will be one year next month? Hold on!

    And how can you read two books a week and blog?! That, my friend, is amazing ;)