Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Woman in her Thirties Learns

When I started this blog a million (three) years ago, I did so with the intention on focusing on things I learned in my new decade. If there's one thing I know, it's that a woman in her thirties is always learning. Here are a few things I learned over the last 11 days in California:

1. It is hilarious to say, 'It's delicious!' when airport security takes your baby's formula to test. Well, I think it's hilarious. Airport security does not.

2. My Mom watches The Real Housewives of... something. That is awesome.

3. I haven't gotten much better with age when it comes to crafting, bow-tying, and table decorating. Thankfully, my friends have.

4. Upon seeing a stretcher being taken down the stairs where your mother is staying with your baby while you dance the night away at a wedding, it is advisable to wait until the car has made a complete stop before flying out of it in tears (False alarm-- everyone was fine. But I did pee my pants a little.)

5. Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt is delicious:6. So is the Canadian Bacon Mom doesn't want on her breakfast sandwich:

7. No matter how many times I call Hertz to make sure I won't have any problems with my rental car, they are still going to mess it up anyway. And I will cry about it.

8. I think I might actually maybe sorta like curry.

9. Many people offered to help me in the airport when they saw me traveling alone with a nine-month-old. They were all, without exception, traveling to or from the Twin Cities. #Minnesotanice

10. My baby is ridiculously, amazingly, semi-annoyingly good. In my twenties I would have credited superior parenting. Now I know it's mostly luck.

The last thing I learned hit me this morning as I woke up in my own bed and looked out the window at the oh-my-god-winter-is-coming breeze outside. For a long time, years now, I've felt torn between many places. 'Home' has been a relative term. When my plane was touching down in San Francisco last week I thought, 'It's so good to be home!'. But then, yesterday, I thought the same thing as the plane touched down in Pleasantville. So I decided that if a woman in her thirties can be mother, wife, daughter, bridesmaid, friend, teacher, etc, etc, etc, she can also find home in more than one place. She might leave her heart in San Francisco, but that doesn't mean she also doesn't leave it a million other places. It doesn't fragment and fall to pieces-- it regenerates wherever she lands. And in that way, a woman in her thirties is always home.


  1. The last paragraph of this post was my also take a piece of all of our hearts when you leave. Miss you already.

  2. This gave me goosebumps. So So Talented you are.

  3. I love this. Especially #3. Cuz I didn't no there was another non-crafty blogger out there. Now I don't feel so alone.

  4. Airport security has no sense of humor!! I also think that is hilarious.

    I would like it very much if you one day called Arizona "home". Just saying. Miss you.

    P.S. THANK GOD you are coming around on curry - I was starting to worry.

  5. Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt sounds wonderful-- as was the end of that post. :) Thank you for all you are and all the places we get to share that huge heart of yours.