Monday, August 8, 2011

A Woman in Her Thirties Roughs It

I know lots of women in their thirties who enjoy camping. I am not one of those women. Don't get me wrong-- I'll get as dirty as you want me to during the day. But at night, I want a bed. With sheets that have been recently washed. I want to eat dinner that I haven't cooked on dishes that I don't have to clean. And in the morning, I want a shower. A long, hot one. With soap.

This weekend, we were invited for the second year in a row to a friend's cabin. 'Going to the cabin' is a decidedly Midwestern activity, but this is no ordinary cabin. It is gorgeous. It has a bath house, a kitchen more fully stocked than my kitchen at home, and sits on a beautiful, crystal clear lake.

In other words, my idea of roughing it.

L (nicknamed L the Magical Cucumber by one of the girls that went), Anna, and I left on Friday afternoon. I was a little nervous, seeing how I have her on a down-to-the-minute schedule at home, but I figured if I simulated that same schedule at the cabin that we would be fine. Here we are, on our way:
I was wrong. Let's just say that while I might not have slept in a tent or eaten food from a can, I most definitely 'roughed it' this weekend. I think everyone trying to sleep in our cabin would agree.

I took this photo from the driver's seat of the car on Saturday (while parked, jeez people), in my about-to-lose-my-mind desperate attempt to get her to nap:
That's not to say we didn't have a good time, though. Despite the rain during the day, the evenings were beautiful. Delicious drinks and food was consumed, and lots of good conversation happened. Here is a photo of sleep-deprived Anna playing with Daddy, the Magical Cucumber:
Because no long drive home is complete without stopping for fast food along the way, we took a break at the Burger King in Rush City, Minnesota:
And it was after this stop, bleary-eyed and counting the miles until we could get Anna out of her car seat, that the Magical Cucumber turned to me and said, 'This is our family, beeb.' I might have been delirious with fatigue, but I couldn't help but smile at the thought of it. We'd just had our first weekend getaway as a threesome. For that, and for the 12+ hours Anna slept last night when we got home, a woman in her thirties is eternally grateful.


  1. Omg. Those pictures of your daughter are adorable. I mean seriously. Could she get any cuter??? And, I'm ready for the Magical Cucumber story please!

  2. Anna is so freakin' cute!!!! And, "vacationing" with kids is not a vacation!

  3. And what a great family it is.

    Uh...Magical Cucumber?

  4. Yes, please...the story? So true...times like those when you take a look around you and think, "Wow, we created this!" Both the good and the bad;)