Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Woman in her Thirties is Captured

Dear Chunkerson,

Well hello there, seven-month-old babygirlofmine:What a month we have had. In terms of milestones, you've rolled over both ways, are almost almost almost sitting up on your own, and are getting your first teeth. You will be happy to hear that I have not read a single book on baby development this month (okay, maybe a quick peek at the feeding section of The Baby Book, but that's it), which means that I've been a little less psycho this month worrying about nothing. Yay for less-crazy Momma!

There are so many things I could talk about. The hair-pulling. The obsession with your feet:The way you have suddenly become ticklish under your arms (shh, don't tell Ye Ye), but the thing that strikes me most about you right now is this:
and this:The photos in this post were taken by the amazing Kim P at Mimsydotes, and I cannot get over how beautifully she captured you. Sure, I'm talking about those chubby cheeks and that oh-so-crazy hair, but it is more that that. Someday, when you turn to me and ask me what you were like as a baby, I will refer you to these photos. I will say, 'You were a pensive little baby,' and 'Nothing ever got past you,' and these pictures will be proof that I was right.

Just in time for Father's Day, you're repeating your favorite sound. All morning, every afternoon walk with Dan, all evening at the dinner table. 'Da Da dadadada.' You'd think, considering the amount of time we spend together, that I might have made the first-word cut. But no. Don't worry, I'm not bitter. You can make it up to me by getting a full-ride scholarship to the college of your choice.

It's summer now, and a woman in her thirties with a seven month old takes full advantage. More on your swim lessons, walks around the lake, and cuddle time with Grandma(s) later. In the meantime, know that even though a woman in her thirties might have dreams of being a writer, sometimes words will fail her. Sometimes she will only have a caputured moment such as this:

To show you just how much you are loved.



  1. Oh my...

    I have no words...

    So beautiful...

  2. Amazing. Simply amazing momma!!

  3. Those pictures are fantastic. I love that little face!

  4. I could not love those pictures more. Anna has gotten bigger in just the last month! How did this happen? I love all the development updates. What a big girl!

  5. I wish I could pick a fave...they are stunningly simple! Love. Them.

  6. These photos are amazing! Yen Yen sent them all to me and I keep opening them up and looking at them. Seems that Anna inherited her mom's photogenic-ness...

  7. Breathtaking photos. Cannot wait to see her (and you!) tomorrow.