Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Gets It

I've been a Mom for three now, and I think it's safe to say I've learned more in the last three weeks than I learned in 17+ years of schooling, three years in China, and in any book I've ever read, combined. I keep telling people that nothing and no one could have prepared me for how wonderful and difficult the first weeks of Anna's life would be, and it's true. Women in your thirties... Moms especially...I get it now. Here are some of the 'it's I'm talking about:

To the Moms who go straight to formula after a couple of days attempting nursing. Last month at this time I would have said, 'Gee, it's natural. How hard can breastfeeding really be?' I get it.

To the Moms who drop off their children at school wearing robes, slippers, and/or curlers in your hair. There was a time in my elementary school years when I would have made fun of you. I get it now.

To the stay-at-home Moms who I thought lived a glamorous life of cookies, naps, and All My Children. Um, yeah. Hardly. I get it.

To the Moms who have cried over spilling pumped breast milk or having to pump and dump after one too many. Before I would have thought, 'Gee, just pump some more.' I get it.

To the Moms I've been annoyed at for coming to work late with excuses of sick children, spit up in hair, and/or other feces-related issues. I'm sorry I judged you. I get it.

To the single Moms and Dads. YOU ARE HEROES. I get it.

To the Moms who bring 1000 pictures of their little one with them wherever they go. I skimmed those pictures all too many times. Your baby is a perfect angel, just like mine. I get it. That, a woman in her thirties 'gets' the most:


  1. Look at all that hair!!!

    She's adorable!

    in your fake'd like you got it really well before A.... You never made me feel like I was crazy or terrible or judged.

    You are doing awesome!

  2. Aw, she IS a perfect angel!

    P.S. Does your idea of a glamourous life really involve cookies? Just wondering. ;)

  3. Sigh. I love, love, LOVE seeing photos of Anna. More, please!!!!

  4. Only one more week, and you are through the first month!

  5. Oh how life changes and you don't even remember what it was like before she was here. Having a baby truly gives you an all new appreciation! See is beautiful!

  6. Look at those beautiful, bright eyes!

    Don't listen to Kim, I firmly believe a glamorous life includes cookies AND naps.

  7. It REALLY depends on what kind of cookies they are. I LOVE that you're a mom! And I LOVE that little face!