Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Needs (some) Explanation

I'm amazed by the generosity of people. Since announcing my pregnancy, I have been overwhelmed with hand-me-downs, advice, books, and gifts for Chewy. I know these acts of kindness are less exciting than, say, Lindsay Lohan's drug addiction, but I really think Dateline should do a story on nice people every now and then.

What does a woman in her thirties do for someone who does something kind for her? She does something kind in return. I decided yesterday on the way to book club to stop and get couple bottles of wine for some especially generous friends.

One thing I can't seem to get over about living in the Midwest is the absence of alcohol in grocery stores. We are hardly heavy drinkers, but I get annoyed every time I'm shopping for a dinner party and realize I have to make another stop at the liquor store for alcohol. Especially now, when I can't even enjoy a glass of whatever it is I'm purchasing.

This was the thought in my mind as I placed two bottles of Merlot on the checkout counter at Pleasantville Liquor. And then I looked at the people around me, who were staring alternately between my booze and my giant preggo-belly, and realized this was one of those situations where things were not what they seemed.

'It's not for me!' I cried, loud enough for the people in the back of the store to hear. 'I swear to God!'

The people behind me snickered and gave me a sympathetic look, but I was not convinced.

'Seriously! It's a gift! See? I HAVE GIFT BAGS!' I held them up, like trophies. Like this was the evidence that was going to exonerate me.

We all shared an uncomfortable laugh, smiled and nodded through the obligatory 'When is your due date?' conversation, but I still left a little shaken. A woman in her thirties should not, as a general rule, have to explain herself, but this was most definitely the exception. Maybe next time I'll get cupcakes-- a pregnant lady needs no explanation with those.


  1. Haha! I had similar situations when I was pregnant (my husband took FULL advantage of his full-time designated driver...) Too funny!

  2. I say you totally should have had fun with it.

    "What? My buzz is almost gone!"

  3. What I Love Most About Summer:

    LShanna not busy teaching= LShanna spending more time writing hilarious and wonderful blog posts.

    Love the new banner and reading about you.