Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Goes to her Happy Place(s)

Since this summer did not turn out to be the leisurely experience I was hoping for, I put a lot of expectations on this week to make up for what the last month has lacked. My agenda included Wallace Stegner, lots of yoga, and a few naps on the couch with my Dan.

That... um... hasn't happened. I will spare the gory details, but between the 7:00am construction calls, paint-picking and re-picking, and a lemon-poppy muffin debacle, it's been a little chaotic. Special thanks to Kim and Heidi, who have taken the brunt of my tears of frustration. Your fruit baskets are in the mail.

So for this week's post I'm going to do what the yogies have been suggesting all summer, which is visualize my happy place(s). I was thinking about it this morning, and a woman in her thirties has likely collected quite a few in her years. Here are a few of mine:

This photo was taken on the deck of our hotel room the first time we went to Thailand. Because L was a member of the you-travel-way-too-much club at the Sheraton, we got the kind of room featured on MTV Cribs. At this moment, I was laying on a lawn chair reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for the first time. I remember thinking, 'Okay, God. If you're gonna take me, now might be a good time.'

This is the sun rising over the Great Wall. I had just rolled out of my tent after sleeping on one of the watchtowers at Jing Shang Li. I am shocked my legs held me up to take the photo-- that's how sore I was from the previous day of hiking. But man, was it ever worth it.

This is the Maltese Grandfather I never met, strolling through Chinatown. I can't explain what happens to me when I look at this picture, except to say that I'm pretty sure if I look at it long enough he will walk right through the paper and into my living room, saying something like, 'Hey-ya, kiddo, we've got some catching up to do.'

No commentary necessary.

And lastly, for those of you who have never seen the face of yours truly, me. (Circa 1985...) I distinctly remember wearing socks and dirty sneakers with this dress, which was pinned on me since it kept falling off my shoulders. Usually pictures from elementary school send me into fits of hysteria, but this one is different. Check out the sun bleached hair. And that GRILL! This is a girl who knows nothing of the curve balls life will throw at her, who couldn't care less about anything past today's recess. A woman in her thirties should re-aquaint herself with that girl sometimes. Today's that day for me.


  1. That dress...OUTSTANDING. And please...Take me to Thailand....

  2. I love every second of this post. Keep your chin up, kiddo. ;) Love you!

  3. I am going to have to borrow some of your happy places.

  4. That photo of you is sooooooooo cute! Especially now that I know the dress was pinned on you. Darling!