Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Spills the Beans

I used to think that when a woman in her thirties announces she's going to have a baby, the reaction should include lots of dropped jaws and gasps. I mean, I know I've gained some weight (eight pounds as of last week, but who's counting?), but all my baby books and friends assured me that I'm 'probably the only person who even notices'.

Yesterday I decided to spill the beans and tell my students that I'm pregnant. Here are some of the highlights:

M: 'Dude, we've known for like two months.'
R, while high-fiving T: 'I freakin' called it!'
B: 'You're a petite lady, it's been pretty obvious for awhile.' (automatic A for her)
R, after I mentioned I'd been a bit emotional lately: 'Yeah. We noticed.'
D: 'I wrote May 4th on the pencil sharpener. That's the day I figured it out.' (he wasn't kidding)
P: 'I thought it was weird that suddenly you were getting fat in the stomach.' (we'll be talking later)
P, later: 'We didn't think you were the type of person to let yourself go.' (let myself go?!)
D, S, N: 'Will you name the baby after me? What if I do extra credit?'
J: 'Can we have a suggestion box for baby names?' (um, brilliant idea....)
J: 'You should name the baby Chris, after Chris McCandless in Into the Wild.' (he really loved that book)
P: 'You are going to be the best Mom.' (automatic A, letter of recommendation for college, and $100 graduation bonus for her)

It's easy to get down on teaching, particularly at this time of year when the kids get the end of May crazies, but yesterday made me appreciate my job more than I have in awhile. Apparently my announcement wasn't the surprise I had been looking for, but despite that I got six rounds of screams and applause and hugs of congratulations. In what other profession does a woman in her thirties get that kind of love? It almost makes me think I'm going to miss those little buggers when they go off to college next year.



  1. Oh man... I can so relate. And by the way... we already KNEW they KNEW so really WE got it over on THEM, right?

    This post actually made me MISS teaching the most I have in a long time. It's these kinds of experiences, the ones that demonstrate the deep connection that happens in a classroom, that people who don't teach just don't 'get'? How do you measure that kind of love in a standardized test? Shouldn't there be some kind of "effectiveness" measure for how a person walks into a room full of strangers and builds a "family" of people who care about each other? How do I get THAT written into law?

  2. Ii love this ! Be sure to tell J2: that he/she should keep brainstorming names :)

  3. You know you're doing a good job when a student references an assignment you gave as a name for your child. I mean really. You must be doing something right. :)

    P.S. I think all of your posts going forward should include a picture that depicts the title literally but then has nothing to do with the content of the post. Like this one would have had a bag of beans spilled all over the floor and Daniel sniffing at them.