Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Ponders Pregnancy

In my twenties, buying tampons once a month was the extent of my knowledge of the female body. I mean, I knew I had lots of inner workings, and those inner workings needed to be checked once a year, but that was it. Becoming pregnant was something much older women did, and then once that happened I would magically be imparted with the knowledge of how I tick.

That, of course, has not (and does not) happen, but I will say that the miscarriage last year and now being pregnant again has made me marvel at the amazing-ness of the female body. Boys, sorry to tell you this, but your body is rickety treehouse compared to your woman's Taj Mahal. More on this later.

For now, this woman in her thirties is going to marvel at the horomones surging through my body at this very moment, giving life to my green olive sized fetus. Chewbacca is currently developing a liver, spleen, and gall bladder, and all of this is happening inside of me.

And has turned me into a crazy person.

Things that make me cry:
Arthur Miller
Commercials about Cheerios
The library
The thought of staying up past 9:30
The Discovery Channel (currently watching 'Life')
Kids who cut school
People who are bad listeners

Things that sound good to me that used to sound pretty gross:
Taco Bell (Bean Burritos. All day. Every day.)
Grilled cheese and honey
Donuts in the morning

Things that sound gross to me that used to sound pretty good:
Citrus fruits
Grocery shopping
Water (WATER?!)
The Food Network

Things I can't get enough of:
Quaker Oatmeal Squares

I am told that in a few weeks this woman in her thirties will go back to her avocado-eating, breakdown-avoiding ways. In the meantime, I'll be sobbing over the book I'm reading with the skater kids at TB.


  1. I love the new photo... so great. You've got lots of girlfriends who will help you figure it all out... not me of course, but everyone else! Love you, Miss you! And I think you can take "wannabe" off the writer part. We all know that you don't have to have penned a novel to be an actual writer. :-)

  2. Water?!?

    Love the new fake-Ugg-and-Daniel-bedecked header!

  3. My dad taught me to love grilled cheese with honey as a little kid! It's a salty/sweet thing - mmmm...
    What a hormone-roller-coaster-ride!

  4. Enjoy to the ride! You are almost to the top of the hill, in a few months you will be in the free fall part of the first roller coaster dip, then a bunch of cool upside down parts and spirals.

  5. Salad??? That's all I wanted. Except it couldn't have anything weird on it and had to be loaded with really cold ranch dressing. And when have bean burritos ever sounded gross? That's just weird. :) The female body IS an amazing thing, isn't it??

  6. I have tears in my eyes I am laughing so hard at the rickety treehouse/Taj Mahal comparison. Maybe that's because Tage and I were both just sick with the same stomach flu-- only mine lasted 12 hours and his lasted 2 days.

    Grilled cheese and honey?! Please don't eat that.

    And why are you calling the fetus Chewy anyway?

  7. I agree on the water and the salad! I'm curious about Chewy also.