Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Does It in 3-D

Picture it: Concord, California, 1985. I am sitting with my family at my first drive-in movie, Back to the Future. Mom takes out crackers from her purse (too cheap for popcorn); Dad roars at the screen ('Ronald Reagan? The actor? Who's Vice President-- Jerry Lewis?'). I'm only seven, so I'm not getting the humor. All I know is that this is a moment that will stick with me, and drive-ins are just about the coolest technology ever.

Now picture it: Anaheim, California, circa 1990. I am with my friend J and her sister at Disneyland for the first time. I have very, very crunchy bangs. I wear Keds and overalls. I am watching Captain EO through two lenses-- the blue and red paper ones the park gave me, and the too-cool-for-this lenses of all kids in junior high. 4-D? Michael Jackson? Like, yeah, I mean, it's okay, whatever.

Fast forward: Last night. I'm with two friends watching Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3-D. Keep in mind that the following things have happened since my last high-tech movie experience:

1. Developed OCD (actual quote by me to the ticket-taker-- 'Um, do you guys sanitize these glasses?')
2. Developed an actual crush on Tim Burton
3. Developed an appreciation for technology, thanks to L and iPhone

How do I express my feelings about last night? In some ways, I felt seven years old again. I actually reached out toward the screen, jumped at times, and turned to my friends saying, 'Oh my GOD! Are you seeing this? This is so COOL!' And in other ways, I was in junior high again. I found myself thinking, 'Is it just me, or is everyone else developing a mild headache?' and 'With all the tragedy in our world, couldn't the millions it took to make this movie be used elsewhere?' But it takes a lot to hold a woman in her thirties captive for almost two hours, and in the end all I could muster was, 'Wow'.

As I drove home, I realized the 'Wow' was more than just the cinematography (And the costumes. And the acting). It was the ability of something to take me places I hadn't visited in a very long time. The ability to bring back good, good memories without being shrouded with bad. The ability to take me out of where I am and to see--in three dimensions--the imagination of someone else.

I can't explain the workings of 3-D, and I don't know how movie theaters owners sleep at night charging $10 for movie tickets nowadays, but I do know this: woman in her thirties takes all the 'Wow' she can get.


  1. More than anything I'm glad to hear you got to go out and have a good time!

    I didn't even know "Alice in Wonderland" was going to be shown in 3-D. Movies are $10 now?! Um, the four of us watched a pirated movie we streamed from the internet last night...

  2. I'd say $10 is a deal for some WOW in life! Great to hear you had such a good time (and I loved the split thinking you described... and how in the end it all balanced out, as it so often does...).

  3. Have you seen Avatar in 3D? If not, you MUST. It's predictable and Hollywoodesque, but the visual component will blow. your. mind.

    At least, it did mine. And I've seen quite a few 3D movies in the last few years, including several at the IMAX. Avatar is in a class by itself as far as 3D goes.

  4. BTW, at least in our IMAX theater, they do sanitize the glasses. It's kind of like an industrial dishwasher setup.

  5. all movies will be 3-d soon enough and they are coming out with a 3-d tv i guess next

  6. Sophia Petrillo? I love the way you open your post. Reminds me of the good old days eating ice cream and watching "The Girls".