Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Woman in her Thirties Learns Hard Lessons

Are you getting sick of me complaining about my stress level? I am.

Here's Wednesday:
Buttcrack of dawn: Leave for work
4:00pm: Force myself to leave school and go to gym
5:30pm: Wolf down dinner while grading papers
6:00pm: Walk to K's for a glass of wine
7:00pm: Come home, watch Intervention, plan classes for Wednesday (simultaneously)
8:00pm: Take Dan for his last walk of the day

And here's Thursday:
5:30am: Come home from Dan's morning walk
5:45am: Begin assembling things for the day
6:00am: Realize I cannot find my purse (keys and phone were in my jacket pocket)
6:10am: Call gym, thinking it's possible I left my purse in my locker and a good Samaritan turned it in
6:11am: Realize I left my wedding ring and watch inside purse while working out
6:12am: Cannot feel legs
6:13am: Call K, 100% sure that I did not bring my purse to her house the night before, but worth a try (leave a message, because it's still technically the butt crack of dawn for most people)
6:14am: Remember that Dan was barking strangely last night, and convince myself that someone came in my garage door and stole my purse from my desk, where I always keep it
6:15am: Barf
6:20am: Begin drive to work. Call another friend, K, hysterical. HYSTERICAL.
6:30am: K calls back-- I left my purse at her house

As L was out of town this week, I could only tell him about my near miss via email, to which he responded with man-in-his-thirties type things like, 'stuff can be replaced', and 'as long as you're safe', blah blah blah. Me? I was shaken all day.

I won't list all the lessons I learned in this situation, because there were many. Work out with rings on, even if it's uncomfortable. Think before you leave the house. Stop filling every moment of every day with something. Get a prescription for Xanax. Those kinds of things.

But, more importantly, I realized that a woman in her thirties in only a woman in her thirties for so long. I like this point in my life. Unlike my wallet, and unlike my jewelry, my time on this planet is the one thing that cannot be replaced. It's time to quit the crazy.


  1. Losing your stuff is the WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD. Especially meaningful (and expensive) stuff. Also, there are so many people I want to learn the "quit the crazy" lesson... seriously.

  2. Amen on quitting the crazy. And sorry I suck and only vented about MY problems last week, :(

  3. OMG. How freaking STRESSFUL! I'm so glad everything turned out fine. But you know what? Other-L is right. Things can be replaced. Everything would've been fine no matter where your purse was.