Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Woman in her Thirties is Pink Jesus

It's no secret that I've been cold lately. I am willing to complain to pretty much anyone who will listen about how my lips freeze off every morning when I take Daniel for walks. I just didn't realize how far my whining had really reached until last Friday.

My department did a secret Santa deal last week, and my secret Santa had heard through the grapevine and from my own big mouth that I was freezing my tail off in my classroom lately. When it came time to reveal herself, she gave me two gifts:

1. Mittens (awesome)
2. A hot pink Snuggie (double awesome)

In case you've been living in a cave, a Snuggie is a blanket with arm holes. You're supposed to wear it when reading on the couch or watching a football game and it gets chilly, at least that's what it suggests in the commercials. But when you're me, working every day in a cold classroom (cold by my standards, anyway), you wear the Snuggie when teaching.

That's right, people. For the last two days I have been teaching in a Snuggie.

My 2nd period class cannot get enough of this. 'You look like pink Jesus,' one of my students said today as I lifted my arms to adjust the volume on the TV. It was the most confusing of compliments, at first.

'Oh my GOD,' a co-worker said later during a meeting when he realized I was taking notes in my Snuggie. 'You know you're a true Minnesotan when you're so cold you stop caring what you look like.'

Now that was not a confusing compliment. That was downright rude. But do you think I care? Nope. A woman in her thirties chooses to be warm and cozy in a not-so-warm-and-cozy world. She is secure in her Snuggie. She is pink. She is Jesus.


  1. SO funny! At least you get a little flair with the pink....

  2. These stories just keep getting better and better. Do own some form of Uggs yet? That has to be next. Maybe they come in hot pink, to match your Snuggie. :)

  3. When you wear sweat pants or pajama bottoms every where you go then you have been converted into a true northerner. LoKi

  4. LOL... I remember living in Seattle, thinking that was cold. Methinks you are in a level of cold far beyond anything I can imagine.

    At least you bring a quirky fashion sense with you! :)

  5. Hilarious! I have a friend who teaches long-distance-learning kids. She's been known to teleconference in her pjs (just because she can) but i think you have her beat! and i think i know what to get her for her birthday...