Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Woman in her Thirties Lights the Way

Today, on my way home from the post office, I noticed people setting out luminaries in our neighborhood. Luminaries remind me of Christmas. They also remind me of death. I was hoping for Christmas.

When I went for a walk tonight I was told by a neighbor that the luminaries are for an eight year old boy a couple of blocks down the road who just lost a battle to brain cancer.

What does a woman in her thirties say to that, I wondered? But it was the lights in every direction that did all the talking.


  1. Powerful images. Thank you for passing them on.

  2. Posts like this make my mind just stop. I want to say something gentle and wise, but instead I feel my heart clutching - I feel myself wanting to go and hug my little boy - I want to cry for what that child must have gone through and for the parents left behind.

    It's best that the lights do the talking. They are far more eloquent than I.