Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Woman in her Thirties Makes Dessert

Yesterday, S told me that the 'theme' for dinner tonight at her place was Italian, and I was to bring dessert. The word 'theme' was a bit daunting, especially coming from S, but since she was the catalyst for this blog I figured I'd better turn on my WIHT radar and figure something out, pronto.

I told myself that a woman in her thirties makes dessert when she goes to a dinner party, and had every intention of making something that would somehow awaken my inner Martha and wow my college friends with how far I've come since Pasta Roni.

Then stuff happened, and I got really into the book I'm reading, and between this, that, and the other, it was suddenly time to leave and I was stuck with a very woman in her twenties box of brownie mix.

Sigh. I maintain that a woman in her thirties does make dessert, but today's attempt was an epic fail.

To make herself feel better, she checks out Foodie is the New Forty, votes for her sister-in-law for 'Tastiest Blog', and thinks, 'With family like this, there's hope for me yet...'


  1. I didn't know she had that blog! Ah, a new one to stalk... :)

  2. Mei Mei, you are the best sister ever. xoxo!

  3. S enjoyed the brownies for lunch the next day! Yum yum. I ate them in front of my coworkers at a working lunch. I ate them with a fork. I ate them slowly. I let the gooey caramel drip down onto the plate. I took teeny, tiny bites and I thought about how they might be better the day after.