Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Woman in her Thirties Needs a Sweet Ride

This one's going to be quick because I've still got one more day on our 'To Move or Not to Move' adventure in the midwest. But I must share the beauty and awesomeness that is L's Dad's new car.

I've always had Hondas... 1989 Honda Civic hatchback named Jack (RIP, Jack), 2000 Honda Civic (stolen in a hotel parking lot so soon after I got it that I don't even remember the name), 2001 Honda Accord named Jeffe (safe in the hands of Momma), and now a 2003 Honda Accord named Anne Gavin. The message here is that my cars have always been practical. The loudest bell (or would it be whistle?) is in my current car in the form of seat warmers, which I have used on more than one warm day just because I can.

L's Dad just bought a 2010 Lexus RX350, otherwise known as 'The Car L. Shanna Must Make Her Very Own'. The awesomeness of this car is boundless. GPS? Um, yeah, and controlled with a mouse on the center console. Keyless entry? The key never needs to be taken out of my purse for any reason. Looks good? Only if midnight blue, tinted windows, and gray leather interior are appealing to you.

I got to drive it the other day, and let's just say the experience was unlike any I've gotten from my Hondas. I felt so legitimate in that car, so mature and entitled that I forgot that the place the GPS was taking us was Dairy Queen. I giggled like a schoolgirl the whole way.

More on this adventure later...


  1. That 2000 Honda Civic was Pedro. Don't ask me how I remember that. I also remember very vividly the day he was stolen! Such a tragedy...

  2. Best of luck on this adventure. Having just made the jump from practical car person to luxury car person (read more about it at I am telling you, don't wait any longer! Now you offically know what you are missing!