Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Woman in her Thirties Abides by the Girl Code

Once upon a time there was a ladybug named Lady T. Lady T was a sad ladybug, very insecure and unsure of herself, and those feelings manifested in horrible ways. She was rude and standoffish to other ladybugs and never made an effort to be kind.

One day, when she was still young, she met a greasy black beetle named Ugly C. Ugly C was a dirty, stinky beetle who could dress up nice from time to time but really was a cheating used car salesman at heart.

Lady T and Ugly C were quite a pair. They got married and started having baby beetle bugs and spent the majority of their time telling the other bugs how much better they were than everyone else. That kept them happy for awhile, but it wasn't long before they had no friends left and they only had each other to hate.

Ugly C began looking for other ladybugs to hang out with, and his reputation caused quite a whisper in the garden. Soon, everyone except Lady T knew that he was nothing but a lying, disgusting beetle who didn't care about anyone but himself.

There were quite a few ladybugs who were tempted to go to Lady T and tell her what they knew, eager to see her antennae, which were constantly pointed high in the air, wilt to the ground in humiliation. They wanted to expose Ugly C for the fraud he was and put him and his ladybug wife in their place once and for all.

But an older, wiser ladybug stepped in and said, 'It doesn't matter that Lady T is spoiled and rude. She is a ladybug, just like us, and doesn't deserve to be treated the way that Ugly C is treating her. Try to imagine what it must be like to be Lady T, in a marriage with a beetle she can't trust; in a miserable existence. It's not our place to ruin her life.'

And with that, the other ladybugs stopped whispering about Lady T and Ugly C. They let them go on with their own lives and tried not to judge. They flew around the garden and kept other ladybugs away from Ugly C. They smiled when Lady T tried to show off around them, because they knew that the smile they gave her was the only happiness she had in her life.

A woman in her thirties protects her ladybugs.

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