Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Woman in her Thirties is a Giver of Actual Gifts

I did the craziest thing today. It is a suspense-filled tale of mystery and adventure, so do your best to keep up.

It's H's birthday tomorrow, and a group of us are going out to dinner Saturday (a la 'woman her thirties, by the way). So tonight I went to the store to buy her a gift. I went. To the store. To buy a gift. It was so strange. I forgot stores existed anywhere except within the confines of Firefox.

I walked into the building and looked at items I thought she might like. I touched things. And then I selected the thing I thought she would like best. I picked it up with my hands, carried it to the counter, and purchased it. With real money, not a credit card.

Wait-- it gets better. When the woman at the counter asked if I wanted a box for it, I said no. Why? Because I am going to wrap it in its original box. I am going to go to another store, choose paper with which to wrap the gift, and do it myself.

As if this isn't enough, I actually have chosen a birthday card to include with the gift. In the card I'm going to write a greeting in my actual handwriting.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I purchased a present for someone that was not from a registry or in gift card form, but I think it might have been the My Little Pony I got for Jennie for her twelfth birthday slumber party. E-cards have been my stand by for all holidays in the last few years, and while I was living overseas this might have been considered an acceptable alternative to the real thing, there is something that is just insincere about e-mail, something akin to having your secretary send flowers to your mom on Mother's Day.

This woman in her thirties is going to make a resolution to stop with the e-madness, at least when it comes to the people in my life that count. Birthdays, from now on, are events that require a card, an envelope, and a stamp. And, if you're good, I just might include a wrapped token of my appreciation for all you do in my life. And if you're really good, I just might include a gift receipt.

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